Man pages for timeseriesdb
A Time Series Database for Official Statistics with R and PostgreSQL

as.metaConvert a List into a Metadata Object
as.tsmetaConvert a List into a Metadata Object
change_access_levelChange the Access Level of a Time Series
create_metaCreate Meta Data Objects
create_tsmetaMeta in
date_to_indexConvert date-likes to time index
db_access_level_createCreate a New Role (Access Level)
db_access_level_deleteDelete a role in access levels table
db_access_level_listGet All Access Levels and Their Description
db_access_level_set_defaultSet the Default Access Level
db_call_functionHelper to construct SQL function calls
db_collection_add_tsBundles Keys into an Existing Collection or Adds a New...
db_collection_deleteRemove an Entire Time Series Key Collection
db_collection_get_keysGet All Keys in a User Collection
db_collection_get_last_updateGet the last update of a collection for a specific User
db_collection_listList All Available Collections for a Specific User
db_collection_read_metadataRead Metadata for a Collection
db_collection_read_tsRead all Time Series in a User Collection
db_collection_remove_tsRemove Keys From a User's Collection
db_connection_closeClose an Existing Database Connection
db_connection_createCreate Database Connection
db_dataset_createCreate a New Dataset
db_dataset_deleteIrrevocably Delete All Time Series in a Set and the Set...
db_dataset_get_keysGet All Time Series Keys in a Given Set
db_dataset_get_last_updateGet the dataset last update
db_dataset_get_latest_releaseGet the latest Release for Given Datasets
db_dataset_get_next_releaseGet Next Release Date for Given Datasets
db_dataset_get_releaseGet the latest Release for Given Datasets
db_dataset_listGet All Available Datasets and Their Description
db_dataset_read_metadataRead Dataset Meta Information
db_dataset_read_tsRead all Time Series in a Dataset
db_dataset_trim_historyRemove Vintages from the Beginning of Dataset
db_dataset_update_metadataUpdate Description and/or Metadata of a Dataset
db_get_installed_versionGet the Currently Installed Version of Timeseriesdb
db_grant_to_adminGRANT all rights on a (temp) table to schema admin
db_metadata_readRead Time Series Metadata
db_metadata_storeStore Time Series Metadata to PostgreSQL
db_meta_get_latest_validityGet Latest Validity for Metadata of a Given Time Series
db_release_cancelCancel a Scheduled Release
db_release_createCreate an Entry in the Release Calendar
db_release_listList Data on Registered Releases
db_release_updateUpdate an Existing Release Record
db_ts_assign_datasetAssign Time Series Identifiers to a Dataset
db_ts_deleteRemove Time Series from the Database
db_ts_delete_latest_versionDelete the Latest Vintage of a Time Series
db_ts_find_keysGet All keys that follow a pattern
db_ts_get_access_levelFind Out About the Access Level of a Vintage
db_ts_get_datasetFind Datasets Given a Set
db_ts_get_last_updateGet the times series last update
db_ts_readRead Time Series From PostgreSQL into R
db_ts_read_historyRead the Entire History of a Time Series
db_ts_renameRename Time Series by Assigning a New Key
db_ts_storeStore a Time Series to the Database
db_ts_trim_historyRemove Vintages from the Beginning
db_with_tmp_readHelper to Create and Populate a Temporary Table for Fast...
has_depth_2Test if a list has exactly depth 2
index_to_dateHelper Function for Date Operations
install_timeseriesdbInstall timeseriesdb
json_to_tsConvert JSON Representation of a Time Series into R Time...
kof_tsKOF indicators
param_defsCommon parameters
print.metaPrint Method for meta Object
setup_sql_extentionsInstall PostgreSQL Schemas and Extensions
setup_sql_functionsInstall timeseriesdb System Functions
setup_sql_grant_rightsGrant execute on timeseriesdb functions
setup_sql_rolesCreate Roles needed for operation of timeseriesdb
setup_sql_tablesInstall timeseriesdb System Tables
setup_sql_triggersInstall timeseriesdb Triggers
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