Man pages for timeseriesdb
Manage Time Series for Official Statistics with R and PostgreSQL

activateTsSetActivate a Set of Time Series
addKeysToTsSetAdd keys to an existing Time Series set
addMetaInformationAdd Meta Information to R Environments
changeTsSetOwnerChange the owner of a Time Series set
createConObjConveniently Create Connection Object to PostgreSQL based...
createHstoreCreate Hstore
createTableCreate Statements for PostgreSQL tables
dbIsValid-methodsCheck Validity of a PostgreSQL connection
deactivateTsSetDeactivate a Set of Time Series
deleteTimeSeriesDelete Time Series from the database
deleteTsSetPermanently delete a Set of Time Series Keys
exportMetaEnvExport Content of Meta Information Environment to Various...
getListDepthDetermine depth of a list
getMetaQuickly Handle Meta Information
getTimeSeriesVintagesGet all available vintages for the time series identified by...
indexToDateConvert ts style time index Date representation
joinTsSetsJoin two Time Series sets together
listTsSetsList All Time Series Sets for a Particular User
loadTsSetLoad a Time Series Set
overwriteTsSetOverwrite a Time Series set with a new one
pgCopyDfCopy data.frame to postgres using bulk copy
readMetaInformationRead Meta Information from a Time Series Database
readTimeSeriesRead Time Series From PostgreSQL database
removeKeysFromTsSetRemove keys from a Time Series set (if present)
rmAllButDelete all objects except for specific objects
runCreateTablesRun Setup: Create all mandatory tables
runDbQueryRun SELECT query
runUpgradeTablesAdd Release Date Column to Tables
searchHstoreSearch Key-Value Pairs, look for existing keys in an Hstore
setAttrListWiseSet Attributes to Each Element of List According to a Given...
storeListChunkWiseStore a List of Time Series Chunk Wise to Avoid Memory...
storeMetaChunkWiseStore Meta Information Chunk Wise to Avoid Memory Problem
storeMetaInformationStore Meta Information to the Database
storeTimeSeriesWrite an R time series to a PostgreSQL database
storeTsSetStore a New Set of Time Series
transactionUtilsConvenience Wrapper to SQL classics for BEGIN,COMMIT,...
updateMetaInformationUpdate Meta Information Records
writeLogFileSimple Log File Writer
zooLikeDateConvertZoo like Date Conversion
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