Man pages for tipmap
Tipping Point Analysis for Bayesian Dynamic Borrowing

create_new_trial_dataData on new trial in target population
create_posterior_dataCreates posterior distributions for a range of weights on the...
create_prior_dataCreates input data frame for construction of MAP prior
create_tipmap_dataCreate data frame ready to use for tipping point analysis
default_quantilesDefault quantiles
default_weightsDefault weights
draw_beta_mixture_1sampleDraw a single sample from a mixture of beta distributions
draw_beta_mixture_nsamplesDraw n samples from a mixture of beta distributions
fit_beta_1expFit beta distribution for one expert
fit_beta_mult_expFit beta distributions for multiple experts
get_cum_probs_1expGet cumulative probabilities from distribution of chips of...
get_model_input_1expTransform cumulative probabilities to fit beta distributions
get_posterior_by_weightFilter posterior by given weights
get_stochast_weight_posteriorAverage over posteriors created using weights randomly drawn...
get_summary_mult_expSummarize expert weights
get_tipping_pointsIdentify tipping point for a specific quantile.
load_tipmap_dataLoad exemplary datasets
tipmap_darkblueCustom dark blue
tipmap_lightredCustom light red
tipmap-packagetipmap: Tipping Point Analysis for Bayesian Dynamic Borrowing
tipmap_plotVisualize tipping point analysis
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