tkrgl-package: TK widget tools for rgl package

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This package provides a TK spin control for the rgl package.


Package: tkrgl
Version: 0.3
License: GPL
Depends: R (>= 1.9.0), tcltk, rgl (>= 0.66)
SystemRequirements: rgl packages for rendering


0.2-2 First public release
0.3 Added possibility to control multiple windows
0.4 Compatibility with 2.0.0 tcltk package
0.5 Added continuous rotation
0.6 Added par3dsave
0.7 Added parameters to spinControl, fixed startup


spin3d Create TCL/TK controller for rgl window(s)
spinControl Create a spin control in a TCL/TK window
par3dsave Save viewpoints for playback


Duncan Murdoch/Ming Chen

Maintainer: Duncan Murdoch <>

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