land: Spatial data of global land cover

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Spatial data of global land cover


Spatial data of global land cover, percent tree cover, and elevation of class stars. Two attributes in this object relates to global land cover. The cover layer classifies the status of land cover of the whole globe into 20 categories, while the cover_cls layer uses 8 simplified categories. Percent Tree Cover (trees) represents the density of trees on the ground, and the last attribute represents elevation.




Important: publication of these maps is only allowed when cited to Tateishi et al. (2014), and when "Geospatial Information Authority of Japan, Chiba University and collaborating organizations." is shown.


Production of Global Land Cover Data - GLCNMO2008, Tateishi, R., Thanh Hoan, N., Kobayashi, T., Alsaaideh, B., Tana, G., Xuan Phong, D. (2014), Journal of Geography and Geology, 6 (3).

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