Man pages for tmap
Thematic Maps

axis_labelsAxis labels
deprecated_functionsDeprecated tmap functions
landSpatial data of global land cover
metroSpatial data of metropolitan areas
plus-.tmapStacking of tmap elements
print.tmapDraw thematic map
qtmQuick thematic map plot
riversSpatial data of rivers
ShapesWorld and Netherlands map
theme_psggplot2 theme for proportional symbols
tm_add_legendAdd manual legend
tmap_animationCreate animation
tmap_arrangeArrange small multiples in grid layout
tmap-elementtmap element
tmap_formatGet or add format options
tmap_iconsSpecify icons
tmap_lastRetrieve the last map to be modified or created
tmap_leafletCreate a leaflet widget from a tmap object
tmap_modeSet tmap mode to static plotting or interactive viewing
tmap_optionsOptions for tmap
tmap-packageThematic Map Visualization
tmap_saveSave tmap
tmap_styleSet or get the default tmap style
tmap_style_catalogueCreate a style catalogue
tmap_tipGet a tip about tmap
tm_compassMap compass
tm_creditsCredits text
tm_facetsSmall multiples
tm_gridCoordinate grid lines
tm_isoDraw iso (contour) lines with labels
tm_layoutLayout of cartographic maps
tm_linesDraw spatial lines
tm_polygonsDraw polygons
tm_rasterDraw a raster
tm_scale_barScale bar
tm_sfDraw simple features
tm_shapeSpecify the shape object
tm_symbolsDraw symbols
tm_textAdd text labels
tm_tilesDraw a tile layer
tm_viewOptions for the interactive tmap viewer
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