Man pages for tmap
Thematic Maps

axis_labelsAxis labels
deprecated_functionsDeprecated tmap functions
landSpatial data of global land cover
metroSpatial data of metropolitan areas
plus-.tmapStacking of tmap elements
print.tmapDraw thematic map
qtmQuick thematic map plot
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
renderTmapWrapper functions for using tmap in shiny
riversSpatial data of rivers
ShapesWorld and Netherlands map
theme_psggplot2 theme for proportional symbols
tm_add_legendAdd manual legend
tmap_animationCreate animation
tmap_arrangeArrange small multiples in grid layout
tmap_design_modeSet the design mode
tmap-elementtmap element
tmap_formatGet or add format options
tmap_grobExport to grob object
tmap_iconsSpecify icons
tmap_lastRetrieve the last map to be modified or created
tmap_leafletCreate a leaflet widget from a tmap object
tmap_modeSet tmap mode to static plotting or interactive viewing
tmap_optionsOptions for tmap
tmap-packageThematic Map Visualization
tmap_saveSave tmap
tmap_styleSet or get the default tmap style
tmap_style_catalogueCreate a style catalogue
tmap_tipGet a tip about tmap
tm_compassMap compass
tm_creditsCredits text
tm_facetsSmall multiples
tm_gridCoordinate grid / graticule lines
tm_isoDraw iso (contour) lines with labels
tm_layoutLayout of cartographic maps
tm_linesDraw spatial lines
tm_mouse_coordinatesMouse coordinates
tm_polygonsDraw polygons
tm_rasterDraw a raster
tm_scale_barScale bar
tm_sfDraw simple features
tm_shapeSpecify the shape object
tm_symbolsDraw symbols
tm_textAdd text labels
tm_tilesDraw a tile layer
tm_viewOptions for the interactive tmap viewer
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