API for tmle.npvi
Targeted Learning of a NP Importance of a Continuous Exposure

Global functions
SL.glm.condExpX2givenW Man page Source code
SL.glm.condExpXYgivenW Man page Source code
SL.glm.g Man page Source code
SL.glm.theta Man page Source code
as.character Man page
as.character.NPVI Man page
estimateDevG Source code
estimateDevMu Source code
estimateDevTheta Source code
estimateG Source code
estimateMuAux Source code
estimatePsi Source code
estimateTheta Source code
extract Source code
extractW Man page Source code
extractXW Man page Source code
fasterGetSimulationScheme Source code
getHistory Man page
getHistory.NPVI Man page
getLightFit Man page Source code
getObs Man page
getObs.NPVI Man page
getPValue Man page
getPValue.NPVI Man page
getPValue.matrix Man page
getPsi Man page
getPsi.NPVI Man page
getPsiSd Man page
getPsiSd.NPVI Man page
getSample Man page
getSimulationScheme Source code
identifyUniqueEntries Source code
learnCondExpX2givenW Man page
learnCondExpXYgivenW Man page
learnDevG Man page
learnDevMu Man page
learnDevTheta Man page
learnG Man page
learnMuAux Man page
learnTheta Man page
learningLib Man page
linearInterpolations Source code
partialCorrelation Source code
predict.SL.glm.condExpX2givenW Man page Source code
predict.SL.glm.condExpXYgivenW Man page Source code
predict.SL.glm.g Man page Source code
predict.SL.glm.theta Man page Source code
setConfLevel Man page
setConfLevel.NPVI Man page
simulateData Source code
simulateParsimoniouslyXgivenW Source code
simulateParsimoniouslyYgivenXW Source code
superLearningLib Man page
tcga2012brca Man page
threshold Source code
tmle.npvi Man page Man page Source code
validateArgumentObs Source code
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