tnet: Software for Analysis of Weighted, Two-Mode, and Longitudinal Networks

R package for analyzing weighted, two-mode, and longitudinal networks.

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AuthorTore Opsahl
Date of publication2015-11-18 15:48:52
MaintainerTore Opsahl <>

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Man pages

add_window_l: Add smoothing window to a longitudinal network

as.static.tnet: Transform a longitudinal network to a static edgelist network

as.tnet: Ensures that networks conform to the tnet stardards

betweenness_w: Betweenness centrality in a weighted network

celegans.n306: The neural network of the Caenorhabditis elegans worm...

closeness_w: Closeness centrality in a weighted network

clustering_local_tm: Redefined local clusering coefficient for two-mode networks

clustering_local_w: Barrat et al. (2004) generalised local clusering coefficient

clustering_tm: Redefined clusering coefficient for two-mode networks

clustering_w: Generalised clusering coefficient

compress_ids: Remove non-active nodes from one-mode/two-mode/longitudinal...

Cross.Parker.Consulting: Intra-organisational networks

Cross.Parker.Manufacturing: Intra-organisational networks

Davis.Southern.women: Davis' Southern Women network

degree_tm: Degree centrality in a two-mode network

degree_w: Degree centrality in a weighted network

dichotomise_tm: Dichotomise a weighted two-mode network into a binary...

dichotomise_w: Dichotomise a weighted one-mode network into a binary...

distance_tm: Distance in a two-mode network

distance_w: Distance in a weighted network

Freemans.EIES: Freeman's EIES network data

growth_l: Identifies growth mechanisms responsible for tie generation...

Newman.Condmat.95.99: Newman's condmat 95-99 network (two-mode structure)

OnlineSocialNetwork.n1899: Facebook-like Online Social Network

projecting_tm: Projecting binary and weighted two-mode networks onto...

reinforcement_tm: Reinforcement_tm

rg_reshuffling_l: Reshuffling a longitudinal network

rg_reshuffling_tm: Reshuffle of a binary two-mode network

rg_reshuffling_w: Reshuffle of a weighted network

rg_tm: Random binary and weighted two-mode network

rg_w: Random weighted network generator

shrink_to_weighted_network: Shrink a repetative edgelist into a weighted

symmetrise_w: Symmetrise_w

tnet_igraph: Exports a tnet network to an igraph object

tnet-package: Collection of functions for analysing weighted networks,...

tnet_ucinet: Exports a tnet network to a DL file for UCINET The network among the 500 busiest US commercial airports.

weighted_richclub_local_w: The weighted rich-club effect (local measure)

weighted_richclub_tm: The weighted rich-club effect (two-mode networks)

weighted_richclub_w: The weighted rich-club effect


add_window_l Man page
as.static.tnet Man page
as.tnet Man page
betweenness_w Man page Man page
closeness_w Man page
clustering_local_tm Man page
clustering_local_w Man page
clustering_tm Man page
clustering_w Man page
compress_ids Man page Man page Man page
Cross.Parker.Consulting.node.gender Man page
Cross.Parker.Consulting.node.location Man page
Cross.Parker.Consulting.node.orglevel Man page
Cross.Parker.Consulting.node.region Man page Man page Man page
Cross.Parker.Manufacturing.node.location Man page
Cross.Parker.Manufacturing.node.orglevel Man page
Cross.Parker.Manufacturing.node.tenure Man page
Davis.Southern.women.1mode.Cooccurance Man page
Davis.Southern.women.1mode.Newman Man page
Davis.Southern.women.2mode Man page
degree_tm Man page
degree_w Man page
dichotomise_tm Man page
dichotomise_w Man page
distance_tm Man page
distance_w Man page Man page Man page Man page
Freemans.EIES.node.Citations.n32 Man page
Freemans.EIES.node.Discipline.n32 Man page
Freemans.EIES.node.Name.n32 Man page
growth_l Man page Man page Man page
OnlineSocialNetwork.n1899.lnet Man page Man page
projecting_tm Man page
reinforcement_tm Man page
rg_reshuffling_l Man page
rg_reshuffling_tm Man page
rg_reshuffling_w Man page
rg_tm Man page
rg_w Man page
shrink_to_weighted_network Man page
symmetrise_w Man page
tnet Man page
tnet_igraph Man page
tnet_ucinet Man page Man page
weighted_richclub_local_w Man page
weighted_richclub_tm Man page
weighted_richclub_w Man page


R/closeness_w.R R/rg_w.R R/degree_tm.R R/clustering_tm.R R/shrink_to_weighted_network.R R/rg_reshuffling_w.R R/rg_reshuffling_l.R R/rg_reshuffling_tm.R R/projecting_tm.R R/as.tnet.R R/rg_tm.R R/reinforcement_tm.R R/clustering_w.R R/distance_w.R R/dichotomise.R R/clustering_local_tm.R R/weighted_richclub_local_w.R R/weighted_richclub_w.R R/compress_ids.R R/symmetrise_w.R R/add_window_l.R R/package.R R/as.static.tnet.R R/tnet_ucinet.R R/weighted_richclub_tm.R R/degree_w.R R/clustering_local_w.R R/tnet_igraph.R R/betweenness_w.R R/distance_tm.R R/growth_l.R
man/reinforcement_tm.Rd man/as.tnet.Rd man/Cross.Parker.Manufacturing.Rd man/distance_tm.Rd man/closeness_w.Rd man/as.static.tnet.Rd man/rg_reshuffling_w.Rd man/clustering_w.Rd man/clustering_tm.Rd man/weighted_richclub_tm.Rd man/celegans.n306.Rd man/weighted_richclub_local_w.Rd man/OnlineSocialNetwork.n1899.Rd man/rg_w.Rd man/betweenness_w.Rd man/dichotomise_w.Rd man/growth_l.Rd man/distance_w.Rd man/projecting_tm.Rd man/rg_reshuffling_tm.Rd man/Freemans.EIES.Rd man/tnet_igraph.Rd man/Newman.Condmat.95.99.Rd man/compress_ids.Rd man/clustering_local_w.Rd man/weighted_richclub_w.Rd man/dichotomise_tm.Rd man/degree_tm.Rd man/Davis.Southern.women.Rd man/rg_tm.Rd man/symmetrise_w.Rd man/clustering_local_tm.Rd man/shrink_to_weighted_network.Rd man/add_window_l.Rd man/degree_w.Rd man/tnet-package.Rd man/tnet_ucinet.Rd man/ man/rg_reshuffling_l.Rd man/Cross.Parker.Consulting.Rd

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