Man pages for tnet
Weighted, Two-Mode, and Longitudinal Networks Analysis

add_window_lAdd smoothing window to a longitudinal network
as.static.tnetTransform a longitudinal network to a static edgelist network
as.tnetEnsures that networks conform to the tnet stardards
betweenness_wBetweenness centrality in a weighted network
celegans.n306The neural network of the Caenorhabditis elegans worm...
closeness_wCloseness centrality in a weighted network
clustering_local_tmRedefined local clusering coefficient for two-mode networks
clustering_local_wBarrat et al. (2004) generalised local clusering coefficient
clustering_tmRedefined clusering coefficient for two-mode networks
clustering_wGeneralised clusering coefficient
compress_idsRemove non-active nodes from one-mode/two-mode/longitudinal...
Cross.Parker.ConsultingIntra-organisational networks
Cross.Parker.ManufacturingIntra-organisational networks
Davis.Southern.womenDavis' Southern Women network
degree_tmDegree centrality in a two-mode network
degree_wDegree centrality in a weighted network
dichotomise_tmDichotomise a weighted two-mode network into a binary...
dichotomise_wDichotomise a weighted one-mode network into a binary...
distance_tmDistance in a two-mode network
distance_wDistance in a weighted network
Freemans.EIESFreeman's EIES network data
growth_lIdentifies growth mechanisms responsible for tie generation...
Newman.Condmat.95.99Newman's condmat 95-99 network (two-mode structure)
OnlineSocialNetwork.n1899Facebook-like Online Social Network
projecting_tmProjecting binary and weighted two-mode networks onto...
rg_reshuffling_lReshuffling a longitudinal network
rg_reshuffling_tmReshuffle of a binary two-mode network
rg_reshuffling_wReshuffle of a weighted network
rg_tmRandom binary and weighted two-mode network
rg_wRandom weighted network generator
shrink_to_weighted_networkShrink a repetative edgelist into a weighted
tnet_igraphExports a tnet network to an igraph object
tnet-packageCollection of functions for analysing weighted networks,...
tnet_ucinetExports a tnet network to a DL file for UCINET
USairport.n500.netThe network among the 500 busiest US commercial airports.
weighted_richclub_local_wThe weighted rich-club effect (local measure)
weighted_richclub_tmThe weighted rich-club effect (two-mode networks)
weighted_richclub_wThe weighted rich-club effect
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