toaster: Big Data in-Database Analytics that Scales with Teradata Aster Distributed Platform

A consistent set of tools to perform in-database analytics on Teradata Aster Big Data Discovery Platform. toaster (a.k.a 'to Aster') embraces simple 2-step approach: compute in Aster - visualize and analyze in R. Its `compute` functions use combination of parallel SQL, SQL-MR and SQL-GR executing in Aster database - highly scalable parallel and distributed analytical platform. Then `create` functions visualize results with boxplots, scatterplots, histograms, heatmaps, word clouds, maps, networks, or slope graphs. Advanced options such as faceting, coloring, labeling, and others are supported with most visualizations.

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AuthorGregory Kanevsky [aut, cre]
Date of publication2017-01-08 16:46:59
MaintainerGregory Kanevsky <>

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Man pages

computeAggregates: Compute aggregate values.

computeBarchart: Compute one or more aggregates across single class.

computeCanopy: Perform canopy clustering on the table to determine cluster...

computeClusterSample: Random sample of clustered data

computeCorrelations: Compute correlation between pairs of columns.

computeEgoGraph: Find the vertices not farther than a given limit from another...

computeGraph: Materialize Aster graph as network object in R.

computeGraphClusters: Pefrom graph clustering of various types.

computeGraphClustersAsGraphs: Creates list of graphs for each specified component.

computeGraphHistogram: Compute various statistic distributions on graph edges and...

computeGraphMetric: Compute top vertices by the metric values on a graph.

computeHeatmap: Compute 2-dimensional multi-layered matrix for heat map...

computeHistogram: Compute histogram distribution of the column.

computeKmeans: Perform k-means clustering on the table.

computeLm: Fit Linear Model and return its coefficients.

computePercentiles: Compute percentiles of column values.

computeSample: Randomly sample data from the table.

computeSilhouette: Compute Silhouette (k-means clustering).

computeTf: Compute term frequencies on a corpus.

computeTfIdf: Compute Term Frequency - Inverse Document Frequency on a...

createBoxplot: Create box plot.

createBubblechart: Create Bubble Chart type of plot.

createCentroidPlot: Create plot of cluster centroids.

createClusterPairsPlot: Create cluster variable plot.

createClusterPlot: Create clusters' properties plot.

createHeatmap: Create Heat Map type of plot.

createHistogram: Create histogram type of plot.

createMap: Locate map, geocode data, then plot both.

createPopPyramid: Create Population Pyramid type of histogram plot.

createSilhouetteProfile: Create cluster silhouette profile plot.

createSlopegraph: Create plot with Slope Graph visualization.

createWordcloud: Create Word Cloud Visualization.

getArbitraryPrecisionTypes: List Aster arbitrary precision number data types.

getCharacterColumns: Filter character columns.

getCharacterTypes: List Aster character data types.

getDiscretePaletteFactory: Generate discrete palette maker

getFloatingPointTypes: List Aster floating piont numeric data types.

getGradientPaletteFactory: Generate gradient palette maker

getIntegerTypes: List Aster integer data types.

getMatchingColumns: Filter columns by pattern.

getNullCounts: Counts nulls per column in the table.

getNumericColumns: Filter numeric columns.

getNumericTypes: List Aster all numeric data types.

getTableCounts: Counts number of rows and columns in the database tables.

getTableSummary: Compute columnwise statistics on Aster table.

getTemporalColumns: Filter Date and Time Table Columns.

getTemporalTypes: List Aster temporal data types.

getWindowFunction: Determine window function to use

isTable: Test if table present in the database.

makeFromClause: Make SQL FROM clause

makeTempTableName: Make Aster temporary table name.

nGram: Tokenize (or split) text and emit multi-grams.

showData: Plot table level statistics, histograms, correlations and...

showGraph: Plot an Aster graph object comprised of the vertice and edge...

theme_empty: Creates empty theme.

toa_dep: Give a deprecation error, warning, or messsage, depending on...

toaGraph: Define an object corresponding to a graph in Aster database.

toaster: toaster: analytical and visualization toolbox for Teradata...

token: Tokenize (or split) text and emit n-word combinations from a...

validateGraph: Validate graph data in Aster for consistency.

viewTableSummary: Invoke a Data Viewer on table statistics.


computeAggregates Man page
computeBarchart Man page
computeCanopy Man page
computeClusterSample Man page
computeCorrelations Man page
computeEgoGraph Man page
computeGraph Man page
computeGraphClusters Man page
computeGraphClustersAsGraphs Man page
computeGraphHistogram Man page
computeGraphMetric Man page
computeHeatmap Man page
computeHistogram Man page
computeKmeans Man page
computeLm Man page
computePercentiles Man page
computeSample Man page
computeSilhouette Man page
computeTf Man page
computeTfIdf Man page
createBoxplot Man page
createBubblechart Man page
createCentroidPlot Man page
createClusterPairsPlot Man page
createClusterPlot Man page
createHeatmap Man page
createHistogram Man page
createMap Man page
createPopPyramid Man page
createSilhouetteProfile Man page
createSlopegraph Man page
createWordcloud Man page
getArbitraryPrecisionTypes Man page
getCharacterColumns Man page
getCharacterTypes Man page
getDiscretePaletteFactory Man page
getFloatingPointTypes Man page
getGradientPaletteFactory Man page
getIntegerTypes Man page
getMatchingColumns Man page
getNullCounts Man page
getNumericColumns Man page
getNumericTypes Man page
getTableCounts Man page
getTableSummary Man page
getTemporalColumns Man page
getTemporalTypes Man page
getWindowFunction Man page
isTable Man page
makeFromClause Man page
makeTempTableName Man page
nGram Man page
showData Man page
showGraph Man page
theme_empty Man page
toa_dep Man page
toaGraph Man page
toaster Man page
toaster-package Man page
token Man page
validateGraph Man page
viewTableSummary Man page


tests/testthat/test-computeTf.R tests/testthat/test-utils.R tests/testthat/helper-tests.R tests/testthat/test-computeCanopy.R tests/testthat/test-computePercentiles.R tests/testthat/test-computeAggregates.R tests/testthat/test-computeCorrelations.R tests/testthat/test-validateGraph.R tests/testthat/test-showData.R tests/testthat/test-computeSample.R tests/testthat/test-createBoxplot.R tests/testthat/test-computeHeatmap.R tests/testthat/test-computeGraphHistogram.R
tests/testthat/test-createPopPyramid.R tests/testthat/test-computeEgoGraph.R
tests/testthat/test-computeGraphMetric.R tests/testthat/test-computeLm.R tests/testthat/test-computeTfIdf.R
tests/testthat/test-createMap.R tests/testthat/test-showGraph.R tests/testthat/test-computeKmeans.R tests/testthat/test-computeGraphClusters.R tests/testthat/test-computeBarchart.R tests/testthat/test-computeGraph.R tests/testthat/test-createClusterPlots.R tests/testthat/test-computeHistogram.R tests/testthat/test-misc.R
demo/baseball-boxplot.R demo/baseball-sample.R demo/baseball-histogram.R demo/baseball-kmeans.R demo/baseball-showData.R demo/baseball-lm.R demo/baseball-bubble.R demo/baseball-pyramid.R demo/baseball-maps.R demo/baseball-aggregate.R
demo/baseball-parallel.R demo/baseball-heatmap.R demo/baseball-barchart.R demo/dallas-text.R demo/baseball-correlation.R demo/baseball-summary.R
R/computeGraphClusters.R R/computeLm.R R/utils.R R/plotting.R R/computeAggregates.R R/maps.R R/computeHistogram.R R/validateGraph.R R/computeSample.R R/computeHeatmap.R R/computePercentiles.R R/tools.R R/computeKmeans.R R/computeBarchart.R R/showData.R R/computeTfIdf.R R/computeGraph.R R/computeCorrelations.R R/showGraph.R R/plottingKmeans.R R/toaster.R R/misc.R R/textParsers.R
man/getIntegerTypes.Rd man/showGraph.Rd man/getCharacterTypes.Rd man/createHeatmap.Rd man/viewTableSummary.Rd man/computeHistogram.Rd man/token.Rd man/createClusterPairsPlot.Rd man/computeClusterSample.Rd man/computeTf.Rd man/createClusterPlot.Rd man/validateGraph.Rd man/createSilhouetteProfile.Rd man/getCharacterColumns.Rd man/computeGraphClustersAsGraphs.Rd man/getTemporalTypes.Rd man/createWordcloud.Rd man/getNullCounts.Rd man/computeEgoGraph.Rd man/computeSample.Rd man/createMap.Rd man/computeGraphMetric.Rd man/getArbitraryPrecisionTypes.Rd man/createBoxplot.Rd man/getMatchingColumns.Rd man/computeGraphClusters.Rd man/computeAggregates.Rd man/computeSilhouette.Rd man/toa_dep.Rd man/getNumericTypes.Rd man/computeHeatmap.Rd man/createBubblechart.Rd man/makeTempTableName.Rd man/makeFromClause.Rd man/computeLm.Rd man/getNumericColumns.Rd man/showData.Rd man/getFloatingPointTypes.Rd man/computeBarchart.Rd man/nGram.Rd man/getTemporalColumns.Rd man/getTableCounts.Rd man/computeGraphHistogram.Rd man/createCentroidPlot.Rd man/createPopPyramid.Rd man/getGradientPaletteFactory.Rd man/createHistogram.Rd man/toaGraph.Rd man/theme_empty.Rd man/computePercentiles.Rd man/getDiscretePaletteFactory.Rd man/getWindowFunction.Rd man/computeTfIdf.Rd man/isTable.Rd man/toaster.Rd man/computeCorrelations.Rd man/computeKmeans.Rd man/createSlopegraph.Rd man/computeGraph.Rd man/getTableSummary.Rd man/computeCanopy.Rd

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