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Big Data in-Database Analytics that Scales with Teradata Aster Distributed Platform

computeAggregatesCompute aggregate values.
computeBarchartCompute one or more aggregates across single class.
computeCanopyPerform canopy clustering on the table to determine cluster...
computeClusterSampleRandom sample of clustered data
computeCorrelationsCompute correlation between pairs of columns.
computeEgoGraphFind the vertices not farther than a given limit from another...
computeGraphMaterialize Aster graph as network object in R.
computeGraphClustersPefrom graph clustering of various types.
computeGraphClustersAsGraphsCreates list of graphs for each specified component.
computeGraphHistogramCompute various statistic distributions on graph edges and...
computeGraphMetricCompute top vertices by the metric values on a graph.
computeHeatmapCompute 2-dimensional multi-layered matrix for heat map...
computeHistogramCompute histogram distribution of the column.
computeKmeansPerform k-means clustering on the table.
computeLmFit Linear Model and return its coefficients.
computePercentilesCompute percentiles of column values.
computeSampleRandomly sample data from the table.
computeSilhouetteCompute Silhouette (k-means clustering).
computeTfCompute term frequencies on a corpus.
computeTfIdfCompute Term Frequency - Inverse Document Frequency on a...
createBoxplotCreate box plot.
createBubblechartCreate Bubble Chart type of plot.
createCentroidPlotCreate plot of cluster centroids.
createClusterPairsPlotCreate cluster variable plot.
createClusterPlotCreate clusters' properties plot.
createHeatmapCreate Heat Map type of plot.
createHistogramCreate histogram type of plot.
createMapLocate map, geocode data, then plot both.
createPopPyramidCreate Population Pyramid type of histogram plot.
createSilhouetteProfileCreate cluster silhouette profile plot.
createSlopegraphCreate plot with Slope Graph visualization.
createWordcloudCreate Word Cloud Visualization.
getArbitraryPrecisionTypesList Aster arbitrary precision number data types.
getCharacterColumnsFilter character columns.
getCharacterTypesList Aster character data types.
getDiscretePaletteFactoryGenerate discrete palette maker
getFloatingPointTypesList Aster floating piont numeric data types.
getGradientPaletteFactoryGenerate gradient palette maker
getIntegerTypesList Aster integer data types.
getMatchingColumnsFilter columns by pattern.
getNullCountsCounts nulls per column in the table.
getNumericColumnsFilter numeric columns.
getNumericTypesList Aster all numeric data types.
getTableCountsCounts number of rows and columns in the database tables.
getTableSummaryCompute columnwise statistics on Aster table.
getTemporalColumnsFilter Date and Time Table Columns.
getTemporalTypesList Aster temporal data types.
getWindowFunctionDetermine window function to use
isTableTest if table present in the database.
makeFromClauseMake SQL FROM clause
makeTempTableNameMake Aster temporary table name.
nGramTokenize (or split) text and emit multi-grams.
showDataPlot table level statistics, histograms, correlations and...
showGraphPlot an Aster graph object comprised of the vertice and edge...
theme_emptyCreates empty theme.
toa_depGive a deprecation error, warning, or messsage, depending on...
toaGraphDefine an object corresponding to a graph in Aster database.
toastertoaster: analytical and visualization toolbox for Teradata...
tokenTokenize (or split) text and emit n-word combinations from a...
validateGraphValidate graph data in Aster for consistency.
viewTableSummaryInvoke a Data Viewer on table statistics.
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