toxboot: Bootstrap Methods for 'ToxCast' High Throughput Screening Data

Provides methods to use bootstrapping to quantify uncertainty in fitting 'ToxCast' concentration response data. Data is stored in memory, written to file, or stored in 'MySQL' or 'MongoDB' databases.

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AuthorEric D. Watt [aut, cre]
Date of publication2016-08-23 20:00:18
MaintainerEric D. Watt <>
LicenseMIT + file LICENSE

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dat1000 Man page
dat10000 Man page
erl3data Man page
erl5data Man page
gnls_curve Man page
hill_curve Man page
listTonumeric Man page
nullToNA Man page
toxboot Man page
toxbootConf Man page
Toxboot configuration functions Man page
toxbootConfList Man page
toxbootConfLoad Man page
toxbootConfReset Man page
toxbootConfSave Man page
toxbootConnectMongo Man page
toxbootGetMongoFields Man page
toxbootGetMySQLFields Man page
toxbootGetOpts Man page
toxbootHitParamCI Man page
toxbootmc Man page
toxbootMongoCount Man page
toxbootMysqlCreateTable Man page
toxbootProjectionBuild Man page
toxbootQueryBuild Man page
toxbootQueryToxCast Man page
toxbootReplicates Man page
toxbootSetOpts Man page
toxbootWriteMongo Man page

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