trackeR: Infrastructure for Running and Cycling Data from GPS-Enabled Tracking Devices

The aim of this package is to provide infrastructure for handling running and cycling data from GPS-enabled tracking devices. After extraction and appropriate manipulation of the training or competition attributes, the data are placed into session-based and unit-aware data objects of class trackeRdata (S3 class). The information in the resulting data objects can then be visualised, summarised, and analysed through corresponding flexible and extensible methods.

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AuthorHannah Frick [aut, cre], Ioannis Kosmidis [aut]
Date of publication2017-01-12 15:42:44
MaintainerHannah Frick <>
LicenseGPL-2 | GPL-3

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Man pages

append: Generic function for appending data to existing files.

append.trackeRdata: Append training sessions to existing file.

append.xprofile: Append training profiles.

c2d: Transform concentration profile to distribution profile.

changeUnits: Generic function for changing the units of measurement.

changeUnits.conProfile: Change the units of the variables in an 'conProfile' object.

changeUnits.distrProfile: Change the units of the variables in an 'distrProfile'...

changeUnits.trackeRdata: Change the units of the variables in an 'trackeRdata' object.

changeUnits.trackeRdataSummary: Change the units of the variables in an 'trackeRdataSummary'...

changeUnits.trackeRWprime: Change the units of the variables in an 'trackeRdata' object.

concentrationProfile: Generate training concentration profiles.

conversions: Auxiliary conversion functions.

decreasingSmoother: Smooth a decreasing function.

distance2speed: Convert distance to speed.

distributionProfile: Generate training distribution profiles.

fortify.conProfile: Fortify a conProfile object for plotting with ggplot2.

fortify.distrProfile: Fortify a distrProfile object for plotting with ggplot2.

fortify.trackeRdata: Fortify a trackeRdata object for plotting with ggplot2.

fortify.trackeRdataSummary: Fortify a trackeRdataSummary object for plotting with...

fortify.trackeRWprime: Fortify a trackeRWprime object for plotting with ggplot2.

funPCA: Functional principal components analysis of distribution or...

GC2trackeRdata: Coercion function for use in Golden Cheetah

generateBaseUnits: Generate base units.

generateVariableNames: Generate variables names for internal use in readX functions....

getOperations: Generic function for retrieving the operation settings.

getOperations.conProfile: Get the operation settings of an 'conProfile' object.

getOperations.distrProfile: Get the operation settings of an 'distrProfile' object.

getOperations.trackeRdata: Get the operation settings of an 'trackeRdata' object.

getUnits: Generic function for retrieving the units of measurement.

getUnits.conProfile: Get the units of the variables in an 'conProfile' object.

getUnits.distrProfile: Get the units of the variables in an 'distrProfile' object.

getUnits.trackeRdata: Get the units of the variables in an 'trackeRdata' object.

getUnits.trackeRdataSummary: Get the units of the variables in an 'trackeRdataSummary'...

getUnits.trackeRWprime: Get the units of the variables in an 'trackeRWprime' object.

imputeSpeeds: Impute speeds.

leafletRoute: Plot routes for training sessions.

nsessions: Generic function for calculating number of sessions.

plot.conProfile: Plot concentration profiles.

plot.distrProfile: Plot distribution profiles.

plotRoute: Plot routes for training sessions.

plot.trackeRdata: Plot training sessions in form of trackeRdata objects.

plot.trackeRdataSummary: Plot an object of class trackeRdataSummary.

plot.trackeRdataZones: Plot training zones.

plot.trackeRfpca: Plot function for functional principal components analysis of...

plot.trackeRWprime: Plot W'.

print.trackeRdataSummary: Print method for session summaries.

profile2fd: Transform distribution and concentration profiles to...

readContainer: Read a GPS container file.

readDirectory: Read all supported container files from a supplied directory.

readX: Read a training file in TCX, db3 or Golden Cheetah's JSON...

restingPeriods: Extract resting period characteristics.

run: Training session.

runs: Training sessions.

sanityChecks: Sanity checks for tracking data.

scaled: Generic function for scaling.

scaled.distrProfile: Scale the distribution profile relative to its maximum value

smoother: Generic function for smoothing.

smoother.conProfile: Smoother for concentration profiles.

smootherControl.distrProfile: Auxiliary function for 'smoother.distrProfile'. Typically...

smootherControl.trackeRdata: Auxiliary function for 'smoother.trackeRdata'. Typically used...

smoother.distrProfile: Smoother for distribution profiles.

smoother.trackeRdata: Smoother for 'trackeRdata' objects.

speed2distance: Convert speed to distance.

summary.trackeRdata: Summary of training sessions.

threshold: Thresholding for variables in 'trackeRdata' objects.

timeAboveThreshold: Time spent above a certain threshold

timeline: Generic function for visualising the sessions on a time...

trackeR: trackeR: Infrastructure for running and cycling data from...

trackeRdata: Create a trackeRdata object.

Wexp: W' expended.

Wprime: W': work capacity above critical power.

zones: Time spent in training zones.


append Man page
append.conProfile Man page
append.distrProfile Man page
append.trackeRdata Man page
c2d Man page
changeUnits Man page
changeUnits.conProfile Man page
changeUnits.distrProfile Man page
changeUnits.trackeRdata Man page
changeUnits.trackeRdataSummary Man page
changeUnits.trackeRWprime Man page
concentrationProfile Man page
conversions Man page
decreasingSmoother Man page
distance2speed Man page
distributionProfile Man page
fortify.conProfile Man page
fortify.distrProfile Man page
fortify.trackeRdata Man page
fortify.trackeRdataSummary Man page
fortify.trackeRWprime Man page
ft2ft Man page
ft2km Man page
ft2m Man page
ft2mi Man page
ft_per_min2ft_per_min Man page
ft_per_min2ft_per_s Man page
ft_per_min2km_per_h Man page
ft_per_min2km_per_min Man page
ft_per_min2mi_per_h Man page
ft_per_min2mi_per_min Man page
ft_per_min2m_per_s Man page
ft_per_s2ft_per_min Man page
ft_per_s2ft_per_s Man page
ft_per_s2km_per_h Man page
ft_per_s2km_per_min Man page
ft_per_s2mi_per_h Man page
ft_per_s2mi_per_min Man page
ft_per_s2m_per_s Man page
funPCA Man page
funPCA.conProfile Man page
funPCA.distrProfile Man page
GC2trackeRdata Man page
generateBaseUnits Man page
generateVariableNames Man page
getOperations Man page
getOperations.conProfile Man page
getOperations.distrProfile Man page
getOperations.trackeRdata Man page
getUnits Man page
getUnits.conProfile Man page
getUnits.distrProfile Man page
getUnits.trackeRdata Man page
getUnits.trackeRdataSummary Man page
getUnits.trackeRWprime Man page
h2h Man page
h2min Man page
h2s Man page
imputeSpeeds Man page
km2ft Man page
km2km Man page
km2m Man page
km2mi Man page
km_per_h2ft_per_min Man page
km_per_h2ft_per_s Man page
km_per_h2km_per_h Man page
km_per_h2km_per_min Man page
km_per_h2mi_per_h Man page
km_per_h2mi_per_min Man page
km_per_h2m_per_s Man page
km_per_min2ft_per_min Man page
km_per_min2ft_per_s Man page
km_per_min2km_per_h Man page
km_per_min2km_per_min Man page
km_per_min2mi_per_h Man page
km_per_min2mi_per_min Man page
km_per_min2m_per_s Man page
kW2kW Man page
kW2W Man page
leafletRoute Man page
m2ft Man page
m2km Man page
m2m Man page
m2mi Man page
mi2ft Man page
mi2km Man page
mi2m Man page
mi2mi Man page
min2h Man page
min2min Man page
min2s Man page
min_per_km2min_per_km Man page
min_per_km2min_per_mi Man page
min_per_km2s_per_m Man page
min_per_mi2min_per_km Man page
min_per_mi2min_per_mi Man page
min_per_mi2s_per_m Man page
mi_per_h2ft_per_min Man page
mi_per_h2ft_per_s Man page
mi_per_h2km_per_h Man page
mi_per_h2km_per_min Man page
mi_per_h2mi_per_h Man page
mi_per_h2mi_per_min Man page
mi_per_h2m_per_s Man page
mi_per_min2ft_per_min Man page
mi_per_min2ft_per_s Man page
mi_per_min2km_per_h Man page
mi_per_min2km_per_min Man page
mi_per_min2mi_per_h Man page
mi_per_min2mi_per_min Man page
mi_per_min2m_per_s Man page
m_per_s2ft_per_min Man page
m_per_s2ft_per_s Man page
m_per_s2km_per_h Man page
m_per_s2km_per_min Man page
m_per_s2mi_per_h Man page
m_per_s2mi_per_min Man page
m_per_s2m_per_s Man page
nsessions Man page
plot.conProfile Man page
plot.distrProfile Man page
plotRoute Man page
plot.trackeRdata Man page
plot.trackeRdataSummary Man page
plot.trackeRdataZones Man page
plot.trackeRfpca Man page
plot.trackeRWprime Man page
print.trackeRdataSummary Man page
profile2fd Man page
readContainer Man page
readDB3 Man page
readDirectory Man page
readJSON Man page
readTCX Man page
readX Man page
restingPeriods Man page
rev_per_min2rev_per_min Man page
run Man page
runs Man page
s2h Man page
s2min Man page
s2s Man page
sanityChecks Man page
scaled Man page
scaled.distrProfile Man page
smoother Man page
smoother.conProfile Man page
smootherControl.distrProfile Man page
smootherControl.trackeRdata Man page
smoother.distrProfile Man page
smoother.trackeRdata Man page
speed2distance Man page
s_per_m2min_per_km Man page
s_per_m2min_per_mi Man page
s_per_m2s_per_m Man page
steps_per_min2steps_per_min Man page
summary.trackeRdata Man page
threshold Man page
timeAboveThreshold Man page
timeline Man page
trackeR Man page
trackeRdata Man page
trackeR-package Man page
W2kW Man page
W2W Man page
Wexp Man page
Wprime Man page
zones Man page


R/trackeRdata_plot.R R/funcPCA.R R/trackeRdata_summary.R R/distributionProfile.R R/trackeR.R R/data.R R/concentrationProfile.R R/thresholds.R R/imputeSpeeds.R R/units.R R/Wprime.R R/distanceCorrection.R R/read.R R/trackeRdata.R R/trackeRdata_zones.R R/trackeRdata_smoother.R
man/scaled.distrProfile.Rd man/conversions.Rd man/fortify.distrProfile.Rd man/timeAboveThreshold.Rd man/concentrationProfile.Rd man/distributionProfile.Rd man/scaled.Rd man/append.xprofile.Rd man/plot.trackeRWprime.Rd man/summary.trackeRdata.Rd man/threshold.Rd man/plot.trackeRdataSummary.Rd man/GC2trackeRdata.Rd man/smoother.trackeRdata.Rd man/run.Rd man/timeline.Rd man/plot.trackeRfpca.Rd man/nsessions.Rd man/runs.Rd man/imputeSpeeds.Rd man/fortify.trackeRWprime.Rd man/plotRoute.Rd man/changeUnits.Rd man/print.trackeRdataSummary.Rd man/fortify.conProfile.Rd man/readDirectory.Rd man/getUnits.Rd man/plot.trackeRdata.Rd man/zones.Rd man/smoother.conProfile.Rd man/smootherControl.distrProfile.Rd man/changeUnits.distrProfile.Rd man/profile2fd.Rd man/smootherControl.trackeRdata.Rd man/speed2distance.Rd man/trackeR.Rd man/fortify.trackeRdataSummary.Rd man/getOperations.Rd man/smoother.distrProfile.Rd man/generateVariableNames.Rd man/plot.conProfile.Rd man/generateBaseUnits.Rd man/getUnits.trackeRdata.Rd man/trackeRdata.Rd man/getUnits.trackeRdataSummary.Rd man/getUnits.distrProfile.Rd man/readContainer.Rd man/funPCA.Rd man/plot.trackeRdataZones.Rd man/decreasingSmoother.Rd man/changeUnits.conProfile.Rd man/getUnits.trackeRWprime.Rd man/sanityChecks.Rd man/restingPeriods.Rd man/readX.Rd man/Wprime.Rd man/plot.distrProfile.Rd man/c2d.Rd man/distance2speed.Rd man/leafletRoute.Rd man/getOperations.conProfile.Rd man/changeUnits.trackeRWprime.Rd man/getOperations.trackeRdata.Rd man/changeUnits.trackeRdataSummary.Rd man/append.Rd man/changeUnits.trackeRdata.Rd man/getOperations.distrProfile.Rd man/smoother.Rd man/append.trackeRdata.Rd man/Wexp.Rd man/fortify.trackeRdata.Rd man/getUnits.conProfile.Rd

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