Man pages for trackeR
Infrastructure for Running, Cycling and Swimming Data from GPS-Enabled Tracking Devices

appendGeneric function for appending data to existing files
append.trackeRdataAppend training sessions to existing file
c2dTransform concentration profile to distribution profile.
change_unitsGeneric function for changing the units of measurement
change_units.conProfileChange the units of the variables in an 'conProfile' object
change_units.distrProfileChange the units of the variables in an 'distrProfile' object
change_units.trackeRdataChange the units of the variables in an 'trackeRdata' object
change_units.trackeRdataSummaryChange the units of the variables in an 'trackeRdataSummary'...
change_units.trackeRdataZonesChange the units of the variables in an 'trackeRdataZones'...
change_units.trackeRthresholdsChange the units of the variables in an 'trackeRthresholds'...
change_units.trackeRWprimeChange the units of the variables in an 'trackeRWprime'...
collect_unitsCollect units from the result of 'generate_units'
compute_breaksCompute a grid of breakpoints per variable from a...
compute_limitsCompute variable limits from a 'trackeRdata' object.
concentration_profileGeneric method for concentration profiles
concentration_profile.distrProfileGenerate training concentration profiles.
conversionsAuxiliary conversion functions
decreasing_smootherSmooth a decreasing function.
distance2speedConvert distance to speed.
distribution_profileGenerate training distribution profiles.
find_unit_reference_sportFind the most frequent sport in an 'object'
fortify.conProfileFortify a 'conProfile' object for plotting with ggplot2.
fortify.distrProfileFortify a distrProfile object for plotting with ggplot2.
fortify.trackeRdataFortify a trackeRdata object for plotting with ggplot2
fortify.trackeRdataSummaryFortify a trackeRdataSummary object for plotting with...
fortify.trackeRWprimeFortify a trackeRWprime object for plotting with ggplot2.
funPCAFunctional principal components analysis of distribution or...
GC2trackeRdataCoercion function for use in Golden Cheetah
generate_thresholdsGenerate default thresholds.
generate_unitsGenerate and set base units.
get_elevation_gain(Cumulative) Elevation gain.
get_operationsGeneric function for retrieving the operation settings
get_operations.conProfileGet the operation settings of an 'conProfile' object
get_operations.distrProfileGet the operation settings of an 'distrProfile' object
get_operations.trackeRdataGet the operation settings of an 'trackeRdata' object
get_profileGeneric function to subset distribution and concentration...
get_resting_periodsExtract resting period characteristics
get_sportGeneric function for extracting sports
get_unitsGeneric function for extracting the units of measurement
get_units.conProfileGet the units of the variables in an 'conProfile' object
get_units.distrProfileGet the units of the variables in an 'distrProfile' object
get_units.trackeRdataGet the units of the variables in an 'trackeRdata' object
get_units.trackeRdataSummaryGet the units of the variables in an 'trackeRdataSummary'...
get_units.trackeRdataZonesGet the units of the variables in an 'trackeRdataZones'...
get_units.trackeRWprimeGet the units of the variables in an 'trackeRWprime' object
impute_speedsImpute speeds
leaflet_routePlot routes for training sessions
nsessionsGeneric function for calculating number of sessions
plot.conProfilePlot concentration profiles.
plot.distrProfilePlot distribution profiles.
plot_routePlot routes for training sessions
plot.trackeRdataPlot training sessions in form of trackeRdata objects
plot.trackeRdataSummaryPlot an object of class 'trackeRdataSummary'.
plot.trackeRdataZonesPlot training zones.
plot.trackeRfpcaPlot function for functional principal components analysis of...
plot.trackeRWprimePlot W'.
prepare_routePrepare a 'data.frame' for use in 'leaflet_route' and...
prettifyUnitReturns 'pretty' units for use for plotting or printing
print.trackeRdata'print' method for 'trackeRdata' objects
print.trackeRdataSummaryPrint method for session summaries.
profile2fdTransform distribution and concentration profiles to...
read_containerRead a GPS container file.
read_directoryRead all supported container files from a supplied directory
readXRead a training file in tcx, gpx, db3 or Golden Cheetah's...
ridgesGeneric function for ridgeline plots
ridges.conProfileRidgeline plots for 'distrProfile' objects
ridges.distrProfileRidgeline plots for 'distrProfile' objects
ridges.trackeRdataRidgeline plots for 'trackeRdata' objects
runTraining session.
runsTraining sessions.
sanity_checksSanity checks for tracking data
scaledGeneric function for scaling
scaled.distrProfileScale the distribution profile relative to its maximum value.
session_durationGeneric function for calculating session durations
session_timesGeneric function for calculating session times
smootherGeneric function for smoothing
smoother.conProfileSmoother for concentration profiles.
smoother_control.distrProfileAuxiliary function for 'smoother.distrProfile'. Typically...
smoother_control.trackeRdataAuxiliary function for 'smoother.trackeRdata'. Typically used...
smoother.distrProfileSmoother for distribution profiles.
smoother.trackeRdataSmoother for 'trackeRdata' objects.
sort.trackeRdataSort sessions in 'trackeRdata' objects
speed2distanceConvert speed to distance.
summary.trackeRdataSummary of training sessions
threshold.trackeRdataThresholding for variables in 'trackeRdata' objects
timeAboveThresholdTime spent above a certain threshold.
timelineGeneric function for visualising the sessions on a time...
trackeRtrackeR: Infrastructure for running and cycling data from...
trackeRdataCreate a trackeRdata object
unique.trackeRdataExrtact unique sessions in a 'trackerRdata' object
WexpW' expended.
WprimeW': work capacity above critical power/speed.
zonesTime spent in training zones.
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