Man pages for trackeR
Infrastructure for Running and Cycling Data from GPS-Enabled Tracking Devices

appendGeneric function for appending data to existing files.
append.trackeRdataAppend training sessions to existing file.
append.xprofileAppend training profiles.
c2dTransform concentration profile to distribution profile.
changeUnitsGeneric function for changing the units of measurement.
changeUnits.conProfileChange the units of the variables in an 'conProfile' object.
changeUnits.distrProfileChange the units of the variables in an 'distrProfile'...
changeUnits.trackeRdataChange the units of the variables in an 'trackeRdata' object.
changeUnits.trackeRdataSummaryChange the units of the variables in an 'trackeRdataSummary'...
changeUnits.trackeRWprimeChange the units of the variables in an 'trackeRdata' object.
concentrationProfileGenerate training concentration profiles.
conversionsAuxiliary conversion functions.
decreasingSmootherSmooth a decreasing function.
distance2speedConvert distance to speed.
distributionProfileGenerate training distribution profiles.
fortify.conProfileFortify a conProfile object for plotting with ggplot2.
fortify.distrProfileFortify a distrProfile object for plotting with ggplot2.
fortify.trackeRdataFortify a trackeRdata object for plotting with ggplot2.
fortify.trackeRdataSummaryFortify a trackeRdataSummary object for plotting with...
fortify.trackeRWprimeFortify a trackeRWprime object for plotting with ggplot2.
funPCAFunctional principal components analysis of distribution or...
GC2trackeRdataCoercion function for use in Golden Cheetah
generateBaseUnitsGenerate base units.
generateVariableNamesGenerate variables names for internal use in readX functions....
getOperationsGeneric function for retrieving the operation settings.
getOperations.conProfileGet the operation settings of an 'conProfile' object.
getOperations.distrProfileGet the operation settings of an 'distrProfile' object.
getOperations.trackeRdataGet the operation settings of an 'trackeRdata' object.
getUnitsGeneric function for retrieving the units of measurement.
getUnits.conProfileGet the units of the variables in an 'conProfile' object.
getUnits.distrProfileGet the units of the variables in an 'distrProfile' object.
getUnits.trackeRdataGet the units of the variables in an 'trackeRdata' object.
getUnits.trackeRdataSummaryGet the units of the variables in an 'trackeRdataSummary'...
getUnits.trackeRWprimeGet the units of the variables in an 'trackeRWprime' object.
imputeSpeedsImpute speeds.
leafletRoutePlot routes for training sessions.
nsessionsGeneric function for calculating number of sessions.
plot.conProfilePlot concentration profiles.
plot.distrProfilePlot distribution profiles.
plotRoutePlot routes for training sessions.
plot.trackeRdataPlot training sessions in form of trackeRdata objects.
plot.trackeRdataSummaryPlot an object of class trackeRdataSummary.
plot.trackeRdataZonesPlot training zones.
plot.trackeRfpcaPlot function for functional principal components analysis of...
plot.trackeRWprimePlot W'.
print.trackeRdataSummaryPrint method for session summaries.
profile2fdTransform distribution and concentration profiles to...
readContainerRead a GPS container file.
readDirectoryRead all supported container files from a supplied directory.
readXRead a training file in TCX, db3 or Golden Cheetah's JSON...
restingPeriodsExtract resting period characteristics.
runTraining session.
runsTraining sessions.
sanityChecksSanity checks for tracking data.
scaledGeneric function for scaling.
scaled.distrProfileScale the distribution profile relative to its maximum value
smootherGeneric function for smoothing.
smoother.conProfileSmoother for concentration profiles.
smootherControl.distrProfileAuxiliary function for 'smoother.distrProfile'. Typically...
smootherControl.trackeRdataAuxiliary function for 'smoother.trackeRdata'. Typically used...
smoother.distrProfileSmoother for distribution profiles.
smoother.trackeRdataSmoother for 'trackeRdata' objects.
speed2distanceConvert speed to distance.
summary.trackeRdataSummary of training sessions.
thresholdThresholding for variables in 'trackeRdata' objects.
timeAboveThresholdTime spent above a certain threshold
timelineGeneric function for visualising the sessions on a time...
trackeRtrackeR: Infrastructure for running and cycling data from...
trackeRdataCreate a trackeRdata object.
WexpW' expended.
WprimeW': work capacity above critical power.
zonesTime spent in training zones.
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