Man pages for trajectories
Classes and Methods for Trajectory Data

as.TrackConverts data to an object of class "Track"
as.Track.arrowConvert trajectory pattern to a list of marked point patterns
as.Track.pppConver trajectory pattern to a list of objects of class ppp
auto.arima.TrackFitting arima model to a track
avedistTrackAverage pairwise distance of trajectory pattern over time
avemoveAverage movement of trajectory pattern
chimapsChimaps of tarjectory pattern.
compareCompares objects of class 'Track'
cutobtain ranges of space and time coordinates
density.listKernel estimate of intensity of trajectory pattern
difftrack-classClass "difftrack"
distsCalculate distances between two 'Tracks' objects
downsampleDownsample a 'Track'
frechetDistFrechet distance
generalizeGeneralize objects of class 'Track', 'Tracks' and...
Kinhom.TrackInhomogeneous K-function for trajectory pattern
pcfinhom.TrackPair correlation funcrion of trajectory pattern
plot.arwlenMethods for class "arwlen"
plot.distrackMethods for class "distrack"
plot.gTrackMethods for class "gTrack"
plot.KTrackMethods for class "KTrack"
print.ArimaTrackMethods for class "ArimaTrack"
print.arwlenMethods for class "arwlen"
print.distrackMethods for class "distrack"
print.gTrackMethods for class "gTrack"
print.KTrackMethods for class "KTrack"
print.ppplistMethods for class "Track"
print.TrackMethods for class "Track"
print.TracksMethods for class "Tracks"
print.TracksCollectionMethods for class "TracksCollection"
print.TrrowMethods for class "Trrow"
reTrackReconstruct objects of class "Track"
rtrackGenerate random 'Track', 'Tracks' or 'TracksCollection'...
stboxobtain ranges of space and time coordinates
stcubeDraw a space-time cube.
stormsStorm trajectories
Track-classClasses "Track", "Tracks", and "TracksCollection"
Track.idwMovement smoothing of trajectory pattern
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