Man pages for tramME
Transformation Models with Mixed Effects

AaregMEMixed-effects version of 'Aareg'
anova.tramMEComparison of nested tramME models.
BoxCoxMEMixed-effects version of 'BoxCox'
coef.LmMEExtract the coefficients of the fixed effects terms of an...
coef-set-.tramMESet coefficients of a tramME model.
coef.SurvregMEExtract the coefficients of the fixed effects terms of an...
coef.tramMEExtract the coefficients of the fixed effects terms.
ColrMEMixed-effects version of 'Colr'
confint.LmMEConfidence intervals for LmME model parameters
confint.tramMEConfidence intervals for tramME model parameters
CoxphMEMixed-effects version of 'Coxph'
dot-cctmCreate a 'conditional' ctm model with random effects as...
dot-check_parHelper function to check parameter constarints
dot-combine_formulasCombine a set of formulas into one (similar to...
dot-constr_adjHelper function to adjust the constraints consistently with...
dot-ctm2formulaCreate a dummy fromula from a ctm object
dot-gen_paramGenerator for param closure
dot-get_cfGet the coefficient vector
dot-get_parHelper function to extract formatted parameters
dot-idxGet parameter indices of various structures
dot-isbarsCheck whether formula contains bars (RE parts)
dot-model_nameGenerates proper model name for the tramME model
dot-mod_negativeHelper function to figure out if negative = TRUE in a given...
dot-nm2matAdd names to the vc matrix
dot-nm2vecAdd names to the vector of theta parameters
dot-nobarsRemove random effects terms from full formulas or calls
dot-parallel_defaultBoilerplate parallel-handling function, modified from...
dot-re_formatFormat random effects
dot-re_sizeCalculates the size of the random effect vector implied by...
dot-set_cfSet the coefficient vector
dot-set_vcSet the parameters of the random effect covariance matrix
dot-sim_reSimulates random effects vector from a tramME object
dot-th2vcConvert from theta vector to vc matrix
dot-tramME2ctmCreate a corresponding ctm model for a tramME model
dot-vc2thConvert from vc matrix to theta vector
duplicateGeneric for copying objects that are (partly) modified in...
duplicate.tramMEDuplicate a tramME object
duplicate.tramTMBCreate a duplicate of the tramTMB object
fe_termsCreate fixed effects data and initial parameters
fitmodFit the model.
fitmod.tramMECall the optimizer on a tramME object
is.pdCheck positive definiteness
LehmannMEMixed-effects version of 'Lehmann'
LmMEME version of tram::Lm
logLik.tramMEGet the log-likelihood of the model
lptermsGeneric method for extracting terms of the linear predictor
lpterms.tramMEGet inidvidual terms of the linear predictor and their...
model.frame.tramMEExtract model frame from a tramME model
model.matrix.tramMEModel matrix for tramME mdoels
offsetGeneric method for '"offset"'
offset.defaultDefault method for '"offset"'
offset-setGeneric method for '"offset<-"'
offset-set-.tramMESet the values of the offsets of a tramME model.
offset.tramMEGet the offset vector of a tramME object.
optim_controlSet up and control optimization parameters
optim_tramTMBOptimize the tramTMB object
parboot.tramMEDo parametric bootsrap using a tarmME model
plot.trafo.tramMEPlotting method for 'trafo.tramME' objects
plot.tramMEPlotting method for tramME objects
PolrMEMixed-effects version of 'Polr'
predict.tramMEPredict method for tramME objects
print.anova.tramMEPrinting 'anova.tramME' table
print.simulate.tramMEPrint method for 'simulate.tramME' objects
print.summary.tramMEPrint method for tramME model summary
print.tramMEPrint tramME model
print.VarCorr.tramMEPrint method for the variance-correlation parameters of a...
ranef.LmMEExtract the conditional modes of random effects of an LmME...
ranef.tramMEExtract the conditional modes and conditional variances of...
residuals.LmMEResiduals of a LmME model
residuals.tramMEResiduals of a tramME model
re_termsCreate random effects data and initial paramaters
sigma.LmMEExtract the SD of the error term of an LmME model.
simulate.tramMESimulate from a tramME model
summary.tramMESummary method for tramME model
SurvregMEMixed-effects version of 'Survreg'
trafoGeneric method for extracting baseline transformations
trafo.tramMEGet the baseline transformation function and its confidence...
tramME_modelCreate an object that defines a tramME_model
tramTMBCreate a tramTMB object
tramTMB_inputsCreate inputs of the tramTMB model
VarCorr.LmMEVariances and correlation matrices of random effects of an...
VarCorr.tramMEVariances and correlation matrices of random effects
varcovGeneric method for 'varcov'
varcov.LmMEExtract the variance-covariance matrix of the random effects...
varcov-setGeneric method for '"varcov<-"'
varcov-set-.tramMESet the values of the random effects covariance matrices of a...
varcov.tramMEExtract the variance-covariance matrix of the random effects
variable.names.tramMEReturn variable names.
vcov.LmMEGet the variance-covariance matrix of the parameters of an...
vcov.tramMECalculate the variance-covariance matrix of the parameters
vcov.tramTMBVariance-covariance matrix of the parameters
weights-setGeneric method for '"weights<-"'
weights-set-.tramMESet the values of the observation weights of a tramME model.
weights.tramMEGet the observation weight vector of a tramME object.
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