Man pages for tranSurv
Transformation Model Based Estimation of Survival and Regression Under Dependent Truncation and Independent Censoring

cKendallConditional Kendall's tau
gofGoodness of fit based on left-truncated regression model
kendallKendall's tau
plot.trSurvfitPlot the survival estimation based on the structural...
pmccProduct-Moment Correlation Coefficient
SurvThis is the 'Surv' function imported from 'survival'
tranSurv-packagetranSurv:Transformation Model Based Survival Curve Estimation...
trRegFitting regression model via structural transformation model
trSurv.controlAuxiliary for Controlling trSurvfit Fitting
trSurvfitEstimating survival curves via structural transformation...
wKendallWeighted conditional Kendall's tau
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