Transformation Model Based Survival Curve Estimation with Dependent Left Truncation


A package that estimates survival curve under a dependent truncation and independent right censoring via a structural transformation method. The package also includes hypothesis test of quasi-independence based on the conditional Kendall's tau of Martin and Betensky (2005) or two versions of the inverse probability weighted Kendall's tau of Austin and Betensky (2014).


Package: tranSurv Type: Package Version: 0.0-4 Date: 2016-07-01 License: GPL(>=3) LazyLoad: yes


Sy Han Chiou


Martin E. and Betensky R. A. (2005), Testing quasi-independence of failure and truncation times via conditional Kendall's tau, Journal of the American Statistical Association, 100 (470): 484-492.

Austin, M. D. and Betensky R. A. (2014), Eliminating bias due to censoring in Kendall's tau estimators for quasi-independence of truncation and failure, Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 73: 16-26.

Chiou, S., Austin, M., Qian, J. and Betensky R. A. (2016), Transformation model estimation of survival under dependent truncation and independent censoring, an unpublished manuscript.