translateSPSS2R: Toolset for Translating SPSS-Syntax to R-Code

Package with translated commands of SPSS. The usage is oriented on the handling of SPSS-Syntax. Mainly the package has two purposes: It facilitates SPSS-Users to change over to R and aids migration projects from SPSS to R.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorAndreas Wygrabek [aut, cre], Bastian Wiessner [aut], eoda GmbH [cph]
Date of publication2015-06-23 17:50:10
MaintainerAndreas Wygrabek <>

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Man pages

applyAttributeDemerge: Merges Attributdata

applyAttributes: Apply stored attributes

applyDateCheck: Apply Date Checks

applyMetaCheck: Apply Meta Checks

as.xpssFrame: Coerces data.frames to xpssFrame objects

attributesBackup: Stores Attributes

computeAbs: Computes the absolute value.

computeArsin: Computes the arc-sine.

computeArtan: Computes the arc-tan.

computeCfvar: Computes the coefficient of variation

computeChar_index: Locate position of first occurence of a pattern

computeChar_length: Length of a string in characters

computeChar_lpad: Expand strings on the left

computeChar_mblen: Byte per character or sign

computeChar_rindex: Locate position of last occurence of a pattern

computeChar_rpad: Expand strings on the right

computeChar_substr: creates a substring

computeConcat: computeConcat (x, sep = "")

computeCos: Computes the cosinus.

computeCtime_days: Calculates the difference of time between two dates in days

computeCtime_hours: Calculates the difference between two dates in hours

computeCtime_minutes: Calculates the difference between two dates in minutes

computeCtime_seconds: Calculates the difference between two dates in seconds

computeDate_dmy: Creates a date with the format day-month-year

computeDate_mdy: Creates a date with the format month-day-year

computeDate_moyr: Creates a date with the format month-year

computeDate_qyr: Creates a date with the format year/quarter

computeDate_wkyr: Creates a date with the format year/calendar week

computeDate_yrday: Creates a date with the format year/yearday

computeExp: Computes the exponential

computeLag: Moves cases of variables

computeLength: Number of bytes in a string

computeLg10: Computes the logarithm base 10

computeLn: Computes the logarithm naturalis

computeLngamma: Computes the logarithm of the gamma function

computeLower: Convert upper-case letters to lower-case

computeLtrim: Trims string on left side

computeMax: Computes the Maxima

computeMean: Atithmetic Mean

computeMedian: Median Value

computeMin: Minima

computeMiss: Displays whether a variable contains missing values

computeMod: Returns the remainder of a division.

computeNmiss: Displays the amount of missing values in variables.

computeNtrim: Return the input data without removing trailing blanks

computeNvalid: Displays the amount of valid values in variables.

computeReplace: Replace matched pattern in a string

computeRnd: Rounds values.

computeRtrim: Trims string on right side

computeSd: Standard Deviation

computeSin: Computes the sine function

computeSqrt: Computes the square root

computeStrunc: Truncating strings

computeSysmis: Displays if a variable contains system-missing values

computeTime_days: Calculates the number of passed hours on basis of the given...

computeTime_hms: Creates a date with the format Hour-Minute-Second

computeUpcase: Convert lower-case letters to upper-case

computeValue: Displays the value of the variable cases.

computeVariance: Variance

computeXdate_date: Extracts the date out of a date string.

computeXdate_hour: Extracts the hour value out of a given date

computeXdate_jday: Calculates the date of year on basis of a given date

computeXdate_mday: Extracts the date of month on basis of a given date

computeXdate_minute: Extracts the minute component on basis of a given date

computeXdate_month: Extracts the month component on basis of a given date

computeXdate_quarter: Calculates the quarter on basis of a given date

computeXdate_second: Extracts the second on basis of a given date

computeXdate_tday: Calculates the difference of days between the entered date...

computeXdate_time: Extracts the time componente on basis of a given date

computeXdate_week: Calcualtes the calendar week on basis of a given date

computeXdate_wkday: Calcualtes the day of week on basis of a given date

computeXdate_year: Extracts the year on basis of a given date

enter: enter

fromXPSS: Sample dataset

span: Indicates range of varlist

translateSPSS2R-package: Documentation

xpssAddValueLabels: Modifies value labels

xpssAny: Selecting cases by condition

xpssCasenum: Sequential numbering of cases

xpssCompute: Creates data

xpssCorrelations: Pearson product-moment correlations

xpssCount: Counts frequencies of specific observations

xpssDate: Today's date

xpssDate11: Todays date

xpssDeleteVariables: Deletes variables from dataset

xpssDescriptives: Simple descriptive statistics

xpssDoIf: Creates a DO IF - END IF subset

xpssElseIf: Creates a subcondition within a DO IF - END IF subset

xpssEndIf: Ends a DO IF - END IF subset

xpssFilter: Creates a FILTER subset

xpssFilterOff: Ends a FILTER subset

xpssFlip: Flips variables

xpssFrame: Creates a xpssFrame Object

xpssFrequencies: Simple descriptive statistics

xpssJDate: Days since 14. Oct 1582

xpssList: Displays the content of variables.

xpssMeans: Simple descriptive statistics

xpssMissingValues: Defines missing values for variables.

xpssNofCases: Selects the first n rows of the dataset

xpssNumeric: Creates numeric variables

xpssRecode: Recodes variables

xpssRegression: Calculates a linear Regression

xpssRenameVariables: Renaming Variables

xpssSample: Creates a sample

xpssSelectIf: Creates a subset of cases

xpssSortCases: Sorts data ascending or descending order

xpssSortVariables: Sorting variables

xpssSplitFile: Splits the data.frame into pieces by a factor

xpssSplitFileOff: Set the data split off

xpssString: Creates string variables

xpssTemporary: Temporary modification of the data

xpssTime: Minutes since 14. Oct 1582

xpssTtest: Performs a T-Test

xpssValueLabels: Modifies value labels

xpssVariableLabels: Modifies variable labels

xpssVarsToCases: Transforms variables to cases


applyAttributeDemerge Man page
applyAttributes Man page
applyDateCheck Man page
applyMetaCheck Man page
as.xpssFrame Man page
attributesBackup Man page
computeAbs Man page
computeArsin Man page
computeArtan Man page
computeCfvar Man page
computeChar_index Man page
computeChar_length Man page
computeChar_lpad Man page
computeChar_mblen Man page
computeChar_rindex Man page
computeChar_rpad Man page
computeChar_substr Man page
computeConcat Man page
computeCos Man page
computeCtime_days Man page
computeCtime_hours Man page
computeCtime_minutes Man page
computeCtime_seconds Man page
computeDate_dmy Man page
computeDate_mdy Man page
computeDate_moyr Man page
computeDate_qyr Man page
computeDate_wkyr Man page
computeDate_yrday Man page
computeExp Man page
computeLag Man page
computeLength Man page
computeLg10 Man page
computeLn Man page
computeLngamma Man page
computeLower Man page
computeLtrim Man page
computeMax Man page
computeMean Man page
computeMedian Man page
computeMin Man page
computeMiss Man page
computeMod Man page
computeNmiss Man page
computeNtrim Man page
computeNvalid Man page
computeReplace Man page
computeRnd Man page
computeRtrim Man page
computeSd Man page
computeSin Man page
computeSqrt Man page
computeStrunc Man page
computeSysmis Man page
computeTime_days Man page
computeTime_hms Man page
computeUpcase Man page
computeValue Man page
computeVariance Man page
computeXdate_date Man page
computeXdate_hour Man page
computeXdate_jday Man page
computeXdate_mday Man page
computeXdate_minute Man page
computeXdate_month Man page
computeXdate_quarter Man page
computeXdate_second Man page
computeXdate_tday Man page
computeXdate_time Man page
computeXdate_week Man page
computeXdate_wkday Man page
computeXdate_year Man page
enter Man page
fromXPSS Man page
is.xpssFrame Man page
span Man page
translateSPSS2R-package Man page
xpssAddValueLabels Man page
xpssAny Man page
xpssCasenum Man page
xpssCompute Man page
xpssCorrelations Man page
xpssCount Man page
xpssDate Man page
xpssDate11 Man page
xpssDeleteVariables Man page
xpssDescriptives Man page
xpssDoIf Man page
xpssElseIf Man page
xpssEndIf Man page
xpssFilter Man page
xpssFilterOff Man page
xpssFlip Man page
xpssFrame Man page
xpssFrequencies Man page
xpssJDate Man page
xpssList Man page
xpssMeans Man page
xpssMissingValues Man page
xpssNofCases Man page
xpssNumeric Man page
xpssRecode Man page
xpssRegression Man page
xpssRenameVariables Man page
xpssSample Man page
xpssSelectIf Man page
xpssSortCases Man page
xpssSortVariables Man page
xpssSplitFile Man page
xpssSplitFileOff Man page
xpssString Man page
xpssTemporary Man page
xpssTime Man page
xpssTtest Man page
xpssValueLabels Man page
xpssVariableLabels Man page
xpssVarsToCases Man page


R/applyAttributes.R R/xpssDoIf.R R/translateR.R R/xpssMeans.R R/xpssMissingValues.R R/xpssRegression.R R/xpssSortVariables.R R/xpssEndIf.R R/xpssComputeStrings.R R/xpssCasenum.R R/xpssDate11.R R/xpssFrame.R R/xpssDate.R R/attributesBackup.R R/xpssVarstocases.R R/xpssFilterOff.R R/xpssFilter.R R/xpssElseIf.R R/xpssTime.R R/xpssDescriptives.R R/xpssAny.R R/xpssLag.R R/xpssDeleteVariables.R R/applyAttributeDemerge.R R/xpssComputeStatistics.R R/xpssComputeArithmetics.R R/xpssNumeric.R R/xpssComputeMissings.R R/xpssNOfCases.R R/xpssRenameVariables.R R/xpssSelectIf.R R/xpssValueLabels.R R/xpssString.R R/xpssFlip.R R/xpssJDate.R R/xpssTtest.R R/xpssCompute.R R/xpssFrequencies.R R/xpssList.R R/xpssComputeDates.R R/xpssCount.R R/xpssSplitFileOff.R R/xpssSortCases.R R/span.R R/xpssTemporary.R R/xpssAddValueLabels.R R/xpssSample.R R/xpssCorrelations.R R/xpssRecode.R R/applyDateCheck.R R/applyMetaCheck.R R/xpssSplitFile.R R/xpssVariableLabels.R R/as.xpssFrame.R
man/xpssFrequencies.Rd man/computeDate_qyr.Rd man/computeDate_dmy.Rd man/xpssSortVariables.Rd man/computeXdate_date.Rd man/computeTime_hms.Rd man/computeLength.Rd man/span.Rd man/computeChar_rpad.Rd man/computeXdate_wkday.Rd man/computeSysmis.Rd man/xpssAny.Rd man/xpssFlip.Rd man/computeExp.Rd man/xpssElseIf.Rd man/computeSqrt.Rd man/xpssList.Rd man/computeSin.Rd man/xpssJDate.Rd man/computeArtan.Rd man/xpssCompute.Rd man/computeVariance.Rd man/computeCtime_seconds.Rd man/xpssVarsToCases.Rd man/computeCtime_hours.Rd man/computeChar_mblen.Rd man/xpssDeleteVariables.Rd man/xpssFilterOff.Rd man/computeCtime_minutes.Rd man/computeChar_index.Rd man/computeMean.Rd man/computeDate_wkyr.Rd man/computeRnd.Rd man/computeConcat.Rd man/computeXdate_hour.Rd man/applyAttributeDemerge.Rd man/computeCos.Rd man/computeNtrim.Rd man/xpssDescriptives.Rd man/computeSd.Rd man/xpssDoIf.Rd man/xpssSplitFile.Rd man/computeStrunc.Rd man/applyAttributes.Rd man/computeChar_length.Rd man/as.xpssFrame.Rd man/computeLtrim.Rd man/computeNmiss.Rd man/xpssString.Rd man/xpssAddValueLabels.Rd man/xpssFilter.Rd man/xpssEndIf.Rd man/computeLngamma.Rd man/computeTime_days.Rd man/computeChar_lpad.Rd man/computeXdate_quarter.Rd man/xpssVariableLabels.Rd man/xpssTemporary.Rd man/xpssRegression.Rd man/computeLg10.Rd man/computeMiss.Rd man/computeDate_moyr.Rd man/computeCtime_days.Rd man/xpssRecode.Rd man/computeXdate_time.Rd man/xpssValueLabels.Rd man/applyMetaCheck.Rd man/xpssSortCases.Rd man/computeChar_rindex.Rd man/computeMod.Rd man/computeXdate_month.Rd man/computeXdate_jday.Rd man/computeXdate_week.Rd man/translateSPSS2R-package.Rd man/computeLn.Rd man/attributesBackup.Rd man/computeValue.Rd man/xpssSelectIf.Rd man/computeDate_mdy.Rd man/computeAbs.Rd man/xpssRenameVariables.Rd man/xpssDate11.Rd man/computeLower.Rd man/xpssDate.Rd man/computeDate_yrday.Rd man/xpssSplitFileOff.Rd man/xpssNofCases.Rd man/computeRtrim.Rd man/computeMin.Rd man/computeXdate_tday.Rd man/computeArsin.Rd man/computeUpcase.Rd man/computeXdate_second.Rd man/computeCfvar.Rd man/computeMedian.Rd man/computeMax.Rd man/computeLag.Rd man/fromXPSS.Rd man/xpssMeans.Rd man/computeXdate_year.Rd man/enter.Rd man/xpssTime.Rd man/xpssMissingValues.Rd man/computeChar_substr.Rd man/xpssCasenum.Rd man/computeXdate_minute.Rd man/xpssCorrelations.Rd man/xpssNumeric.Rd man/computeNvalid.Rd man/computeReplace.Rd man/xpssSample.Rd man/xpssCount.Rd man/xpssFrame.Rd man/applyDateCheck.Rd man/computeXdate_mday.Rd man/xpssTtest.Rd

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