Man pages for translateSPSS2R
Toolset for Translating SPSS-Syntax to R-Code

applyAttributeDemergeMerges Attributdata
applyAttributesApply stored attributes
applyDateCheckApply Date Checks
applyMetaCheckApply Meta Checks
as.xpssFrameCoerces data.frames to xpssFrame objects
attributesBackupStores Attributes
computeAbsComputes the absolute value.
computeArsinComputes the arc-sine.
computeArtanComputes the arc-tan.
computeCfvarComputes the coefficient of variation
computeChar_indexLocate position of first occurence of a pattern
computeChar_lengthLength of a string in characters
computeChar_lpadExpand strings on the left
computeChar_mblenByte per character or sign
computeChar_rindexLocate position of last occurence of a pattern
computeChar_rpadExpand strings on the right
computeChar_substrcreates a substring
computeConcatcomputeConcat (x, sep = "")
computeCosComputes the cosinus.
computeCtime_daysCalculates the difference of time between two dates in days
computeCtime_hoursCalculates the difference between two dates in hours
computeCtime_minutesCalculates the difference between two dates in minutes
computeCtime_secondsCalculates the difference between two dates in seconds
computeDate_dmyCreates a date with the format day-month-year
computeDate_mdyCreates a date with the format month-day-year
computeDate_moyrCreates a date with the format month-year
computeDate_qyrCreates a date with the format year/quarter
computeDate_wkyrCreates a date with the format year/calendar week
computeDate_yrdayCreates a date with the format year/yearday
computeExpComputes the exponential
computeLagMoves cases of variables
computeLengthNumber of bytes in a string
computeLg10Computes the logarithm base 10
computeLnComputes the logarithm naturalis
computeLngammaComputes the logarithm of the gamma function
computeLowerConvert upper-case letters to lower-case
computeLtrimTrims string on left side
computeMaxComputes the Maxima
computeMeanAtithmetic Mean
computeMedianMedian Value
computeMissDisplays whether a variable contains missing values
computeModReturns the remainder of a division.
computeNmissDisplays the amount of missing values in variables.
computeNtrimReturn the input data without removing trailing blanks
computeNvalidDisplays the amount of valid values in variables.
computeReplaceReplace matched pattern in a string
computeRndRounds values.
computeRtrimTrims string on right side
computeSdStandard Deviation
computeSinComputes the sine function
computeSqrtComputes the square root
computeStruncTruncating strings
computeSysmisDisplays if a variable contains system-missing values
computeTime_daysCalculates the number of passed hours on basis of the given...
computeTime_hmsCreates a date with the format Hour-Minute-Second
computeUpcaseConvert lower-case letters to upper-case
computeValueDisplays the value of the variable cases.
computeXdate_dateExtracts the date out of a date string.
computeXdate_hourExtracts the hour value out of a given date
computeXdate_jdayCalculates the date of year on basis of a given date
computeXdate_mdayExtracts the date of month on basis of a given date
computeXdate_minuteExtracts the minute component on basis of a given date
computeXdate_monthExtracts the month component on basis of a given date
computeXdate_quarterCalculates the quarter on basis of a given date
computeXdate_secondExtracts the second on basis of a given date
computeXdate_tdayCalculates the difference of days between the entered date...
computeXdate_timeExtracts the time componente on basis of a given date
computeXdate_weekCalcualtes the calendar week on basis of a given date
computeXdate_wkdayCalcualtes the day of week on basis of a given date
computeXdate_yearExtracts the year on basis of a given date
fromXPSSSample dataset
spanIndicates range of varlist
xpssAddValueLabelsModifies value labels
xpssAnySelecting cases by condition
xpssCasenumSequential numbering of cases
xpssComputeCreates data
xpssCorrelationsPearson product-moment correlations
xpssCountCounts frequencies of specific observations
xpssDateToday's date
xpssDate11Todays date
xpssDeleteVariablesDeletes variables from dataset
xpssDescriptivesSimple descriptive statistics
xpssDoIfCreates a DO IF - END IF subset
xpssElseIfCreates a subcondition within a DO IF - END IF subset
xpssEndIfEnds a DO IF - END IF subset
xpssFilterCreates a FILTER subset
xpssFilterOffEnds a FILTER subset
xpssFlipFlips variables
xpssFrameCreates a xpssFrame Object
xpssFrequenciesSimple descriptive statistics
xpssJDateDays since 14. Oct 1582
xpssListDisplays the content of variables.
xpssMeansSimple descriptive statistics
xpssMissingValuesDefines missing values for variables.
xpssNofCasesSelects the first n rows of the dataset
xpssNumericCreates numeric variables
xpssRecodeRecodes variables
xpssRegressionCalculates a linear Regression
xpssRenameVariablesRenaming Variables
xpssSampleCreates a sample
xpssSelectIfCreates a subset of cases
xpssSortCasesSorts data ascending or descending order
xpssSortVariablesSorting variables
xpssSplitFileSplits the data.frame into pieces by a factor
xpssSplitFileOffSet the data split off
xpssStringCreates string variables
xpssTemporaryTemporary modification of the data
xpssTimeMinutes since 14. Oct 1582
xpssTtestPerforms a T-Test
xpssValueLabelsModifies value labels
xpssVariableLabelsModifies variable labels
xpssVarsToCasesTransforms variables to cases
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