xpssTemporary: Temporary modification of the data

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R implementation of the SPSS TEMPORARY Function.





a (non-empty) data.frame or input data of class "xpssFrame".


xpssTemporary signals the beginning of temporary transformation. Only the following data-management procedure takes affect on the data: , xpssCount, xpssDoIf, xpssFilter, xpssMissingValues, xpssNumeric, xpssNofCases, xpssRecode, xpssSelectIf, xpssSample, xpssString, xpssVariableLabels, xpssValueLabels,.

All the changes that are made are temporary. After the next modification the data is restored.
For example: all created variables, e.g. numeric or string variables created while xpssTemporary is in effect are temporary variables!
Any changes or modifications made to existing variables while the xpssTemporary command is in effect are also temporary!
Any variables which are created or modified after this procedure are again permanent.

Function Status Effect on created variables Effect on modified variables
Temporary ON Any created variable is temporary. Any change on a variables is temporary.
Temporary OFF Any created variable is permanent. Any change on a variables is permanent.

The xpssTemporary function allows analyses for subgroups without affecting the data and then repeat the analysis for the file as a whole.


Andreas Wygrabek

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