seawaterLiNaK: Lithium, sodium and potassium transport profiles across a...

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A list of 6 datasets containing by duplicate the transport profiles for lithium, sodium, and potassium from a synthetic simplified seawater matrix using a polymer inclusion membrane selective to lithium. Lithium samples were taken every 45 minutes during 4.5 hours while sodium and potassium determinations were made in samples taken every 1.5 hours.




A list of 6 data frames (two for each lithium, sodium, and potassium) with 14 or 8 rows and 3 variables:


Time in hours of each aliquot taken during the experiment


Phase of corresponding aliquot, Feed or Strip


Remaining lithium concentration in the feed solution or transported lithium concentration to the strip solution


Paredes, C. and Rodríguez de San Miguel, E., Selective lithium extraction and concentration from diluted alkaline aqueous media by a polymer inclusion membrane and application to seawater, Desalination, Volume 487, 2020, 114500,

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