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Calculation of the variance of leaf depths index for rooted trees


This function calculates the variance of leaf depths index VLD(T) for a given rooted tree T. The tree must not necessarily be binary. VLD(T) is defined as

VLD(T)=\frac{1}{n}\cdot\sum_{x\in V_L(T)} (\delta(x)-N(T))^2

in which n denotes the number of leaves of T, V_L(T) denotes the set of leaves of T, \delta(x) denotes the depth of the leaf x and N(T) denotes the average leaf depth of T.

For n=1 the function returns VLD(T)=0 and a warning.

For details on the variance of leaf depths, see also Chapter 7 in "Tree balance indices: a comprehensive survey" (





A rooted tree in phylo format.


varLeafDepI returns the variance of leaf depths index of the given tree.


Sophie Kersting


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tree <- ape::read.tree(text="((((,),),(,)),(((,),),(,)));")

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