Man pages for treebase
Discovery, Access and Manipulation of 'TreeBASE' Phylogenies

cache_treebaseA function to cache the phylogenies in treebase locally
clean_dataclean the fish.base data into pure ASCII
download_metadataDownload the metadata on treebase using the OAI-MPH interface
drop_nonasciiremove non-ASCII characters
drop_nontreesdrop errors from the search
dryad_metadataSearch the dryad metadata archive
get_neximports phylogenetic trees from treebase. internal function
get_studyreturn the trees in treebase that correspond to the search...
get_study_idreturn the from the search results.
have_branchlengthSimple function to identify which trees have branch lengths
metadata_from_oaiInternal function for OAI-MPH interface to the Dryad database
oai_metadataSearch the OAI-PMH metadata by date, publisher, or identifier
phylo_metadataSearch the PhyloWS metadata
search_treebaseA function to pull in the phyologeny/phylogenies matching a...
show_metadataGet the metadata associated with the study in which the...
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