treeplyr: 'dplyr' Functionality for Matched Tree and Data Objects

Matches phylogenetic trees and trait data, and allows simultaneous manipulation of the tree and data using 'dplyr'.

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AuthorJosef Uyeda
Date of publication2016-06-24 07:30:54
MaintainerJosef Uyeda <>
LicenseGPL-2 | GPL-3

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anolis Man page
detectAllCharacters Man page
detectCharacterType Man page
filter_.grouped_treedata Man page
filter.grouped_treedata Man page
filterMatrix Man page
filter_.treedata Man page
filter.treedata Man page
forceFactor Man page
forceNames Man page
forceNumeric Man page
getVector Man page
group_by_.treedata Man page
group_by.treedata Man page
hasNames Man page
make.treedata Man page
mutate_.grouped_treedata Man page
mutate.grouped_treedata Man page
mutate_.treedata Man page
mutate.treedata Man page
paint_clades Man page
reorder Man page
reorder.treedata Man page
select_.grouped_treedata Man page
select.grouped_treedata Man page
select_.treedata Man page
select.treedata Man page
summarise_.grouped_treedata Man page
summarise_.treedata Man page
summarize_.grouped_treedata Man page
summarize_.treedata Man page
summarize.treedata Man page
tdapply Man page
treedply Man page
treedply.treedata Man page
treeply Man page
treeplyr Man page
treeplyr-package Man page
treeply.treedata Man page
ungroup.grouped_treedata Man page

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