Man pages for treeplyr
'dplyr' Functionality for Matched Tree and Data Objects

anolisAnole data
detectAllCharactersApply detectCharacterType over an entire matrix
detectCharacterTypeFunction to detect whether a character is continuous or... function from the tibble package
dot-check_names_df.check_names_df function from tibble package
dot-identifyBranchesInternal function taken from bayou
dot-nodeHeightsnodeHeights function from phytools
dot-pars2mapNew version of .pars2map is faster, returns 3 elements rather...
dot-plotRegimesInternal functions for painted_clades
dot-prepare.branchesThis is an internal function modified from geiger's function...
dot-tipregimeInternal function to determine tip regimes:
dot-toSimmapinternal function from bayou
filterMatrixFilter a matrix, returning either all continuous or all...
filter.treedataFunction for filtering rows from an object of class...
forceFactorFunction for checking whether a treedata object contains only...
forceNamesForce names for rows, columns, or both
forceNumericFunction for checking whether a treedata object contains only...
getVectorA function for returning a named vector from a data frame or...
group_by.treedataFunction for grouping an object of class 'treedata'
hasNamesRow and column name check
make.treedataFunction for making an object of class 'treedata'
mutate.treedataFunction for mutating an object of class 'treedata'
paint_cladesAdd regimes to a treedata object
reorder.treedataReorder a 'treedata' object
select.treedataFunction for selecting columns from an object of class...
slice.treedataChoose rows by their ordinal position in the tbl for an...
summarise.treedataFunction for summarizing an object of class 'treedata'
tdapplyApply a function over all treedata object columns and return...
treedply.treedataRun a function on a 'treedata' object
treeplyrtreeplyr: 'dplyr' Functionality for Matched Tree and Data...
treeplyr-defunctDefunct functions in treeplyr
treeply.treedataRun a function on the phylogeny of a 'treedata' object
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