Man pages for trelliscope
Create and Navigate Large Multi-Panel Visual Displays

applyCogFnApply Cognostics Function to a Key-Value Pair
battingLahman's Batting Data for 2014
cleanupDisplaysRemove Backed-Up Trelliscope Displays
cogCreate a Cognostics Object
cogConn-methodsMethods for Cognostics Connections
cogDisplayHrefDisplayHref Cognostic
cogHrefHref Cognostic
cogLoessRMSECompute RMSE of Loess Fit Cognostic
cogMeanCompute Mean Cognostic
cogRangeCompute Range Cognostic
cogScagnosticsCompute Scagnostics
cogSlopeCompute Slope of Linear Fit Cognostic
deployVDBDeploy VDB to or RStudio Connect
dfCogConnInitiate Data Frame Cognostics Connection
encodePNGbase64 Encoding of a .png File
getDisplayRetrieve Display Object from VDB
getVdbPathGet Current VDB Path
hash-methodsMethods for dealing with state and hashes
listDisplaysList Displays in a VDB
makeDisplayCreate a Trelliscope Display
makePNGMake a png for a Subset
makeSplodDataCreate Data Plottable by splod
makeStateHashMake a URL hash out of state information
mr-methodsMethods Used in MapReduce for makeDisplay
noMarginsRemove Margins from Trellis/Lattice Plot
phantomInstallGet instructions on how to install phantomjs
plot.trsPrePlot results form prepanel
prepanelPrepanel Function for Trelliscope Displays
print.cogPrint a cognostics object
print.dfCogConnPrint a dfCogConn object
print.displayObjPrint a display object
print.qtrellisPrint a qtrellis Object
print.vdbConnPrint a vdbConn Object
qtrellisQuick trelliscope display for data frame-like inputs
removeDisplayRemove a Display from a VDB
restoreDisplayRestore a Backed-Up Display Object
setLimsSpecify Rules for x and y Limits for a Display
splodCreate a Scatterplot Display
splodCogFnDefault Cognostics Function for splod
splodPanelFnDefault Plot Function for splod
stateSpecSet State Parameters
syncLocalDataSync localDisk objects to VDB
trelliscope-packageTrelliscope: Create and Navigate Large Multi-Panel Visual...
updateDisplayUpdate a Display Object
validateStateValidate State Parameters
vdbConnConnect to a VDB
vdbConvertConvert a VDB to be usable with the new Trelliscope viewer...
vdbCopyRSourceCopy files ending in .R from source directory into a VDB-wide...
vdbGlobalsExistCheck to see if the VDB-wide global data file exists
vdbGlobalsFilePath to VDB global data storage file
viewView a Display or Run Shiny Display Viewer
webConnInitialize a Web Connection
webSyncSync VDB files to a web server
widgetThumbnailMake a thumbnail for an htmlwidget panel
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