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Plot Two Time Series


Plot two time series on the same plot frame.


seqplot.ts(x, y, colx = "black", coly = "red", typex = "l",
           typey = "l", pchx = 1, pchy = 1, ltyx = "solid",
           ltyy = "solid", oma = c(6, 0, 5, 0), ann = par("ann"),
           xlab = "Time", ylab = deparse(substitute(x)), main = NULL)


x, y

the time series.

colx, coly

color code or name for the x and y series, see colors, palette.

typex, typey

what type of plot should be drawn for the x and y series, see plot.

pchx, pchy

character or integer code for kind of points/lines for the x and y series.

ltyx, ltyy

line type code for the x and y series, see lines.


a vector giving the size of the outer margins in lines of text, see par.


annotate the plots? See par.

xlab, ylab

titles for the x and y axis.


an overall title for the plot.


Unlike plot.ts the series can have different time bases, but they should have the same frequency. Unlike ts.plot the series can be plotted in different styles and for multivariate x and y the common variables are plotted together in a separate array element.




A. Trapletti

See Also

ts, plot.ts


x <- ts.union(log(M1), log(GNP), rs, rl) <- ar(x, method = "ols", order.max = 5)
y <- predict(, x, n.ahead = 200, = FALSE)
seqplot.ts(x, y)

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