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Time Series with Matrix Profile

analyzeRuns an appropriate workflow based on the parameters passed...
as.matrixprofileConvert a TSMP object into another if possible
av_applyCorrects the matrix profile using an annotation vector
av_complexityComputes the annotation vector that favors complexity
av_hardlimit_artifactComputes the annotation vector that suppresses hard-limited...
av_motion_artifactComputes the annotation vector that suppresses motion...
av_stop_wordComputes the annotation vector that suppresses stop-word...
av_zerocrossingComputes the annotation vector that favors number of zero...
computeComputes the Matrix Profile or Pan-Matrix Profile
discordsSearch for Discord
dist_profileCalculates the distance profile using MASS algorithms
fast_avg_sdFast implementation of moving average and moving standard...
fast_movavgFast implementation of moving average
fast_movsdFast implementation of moving standard deviation
find_chainsFind Time Series Chains
find_discordSearch for Discord
find_motifSearch for Motifs
find_snippetTime Series Snippets: A New Primitive for Time Series Data...
flossFast Low-cost Online Semantic Segmentation (FLOSS)
floss_cacFLOSS - Corrected Arc Counts
floss_extractFLOSS - Extract Segments
flussFast Low-cost Unipotent Semantic Segmentation (FLUSS)
fluss_cacFLUSS - Corrected Arc Counts
fluss_extractFLUSS - Extract Segments
fluss_scoreFLUSS - Prediction score calculation
get_dataGet the data included in a TSMP object, if any.
mass-deprecatedCalculates the distance profile using MASS_V2 algorithm
mass_prePrecomputes several values used on MASS
mass_pre_wPrecomputes several values used on MASS
mass_v2Calculates the distance profile using MASS_V2 algorithm
mass_v3Calculates the distance profile using MASS_V3 algorithm
mass_weightedCalculates the distance profile using MASS_WEIGHTED algorithm
min_mp_idxGet index of the minimum value from a matrix profile and its...
motifsSearch for Motifs
motifs_discords_smallJust a synthetic dataset for testing
mpdistMPdist - Distance between Time Series using Matrix Profile
mp_fluss_dataOriginal data used in the FLUSS paper
mp_gait_dataOriginal data used in the Time Series Chain demo
mp_meat_dataOriginal data used in the Salient Subsequences demo
mp_test_dataOriginal data used in the STDS demo
mp_toy_dataOriginal data used in the mSTAMP demo
mpxFast implementation of MP and MPI for internal purposes,...
mstompMultivariate STOMP algorithm Parallel version
pipePipe operator
plotPlot a TSMP object
plot_arcsPlot arcs between indexes of a Profile Index
pmpPan-Matrix Profile
pmp_upper_boundPan Matrix Profile upper bound
readRead TSMP object from JSON file.
remove_classRemove a 'TSMP' class from an object
salient_mdsConvert salient sequences into MDS space
salient_scoreComputes the F-Score of salient algorithm.
salient_subsequencesFramework for retrieve salient subsequences from a dataset
scrimpAnytime univariate SCRIMP++ algorithm
sdts_predictFramework for Scalable Dictionary learning for Time Series...
sdts_scoreComputes the F-Score of a SDTS prediction
sdts_trainFramework for Scalable Dictionary learning for Time Series...
set_dataSet/changes the data included in TSMP object.
simple_fastCompute the join similarity for Sound data
stampAnytime univariate STAMP algorithm Parallel version
stompUnivariate STOMP algorithm
stompi_updateReal-time STOMP algorithm
tsmpComputes the Matrix Profile and Profile Index
tsmp-deprecatedDeprecated functions in package 'tsmp'.
valmodVariable Length Motif Discovery
visualizePlots an object generated from one of the algorithms. In some...
writeWrite a TSMP object to JSON file.
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