ipi: Data Set: Industrial Production Indices

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Industrial production indices in the manufacturing sector of European Monetary Union countries.




A list containing monthly indices (2010=100) for the following countries.

Country Start Country Start
Belgium 2000:1 Luxembourg 2000:1
Germany 1999:1 Malta 2000:1
Estonia 1999:1 Netherlands 1999:1
Greece 2000:1 Austria 1999:1
Spain 1999:1 Portugal 1999:1
France 1999:1 Slovenia 1999:1
Italy 1999:1 Slovakia 2000:1
Cyprus 2000:1 Finland 1999:1
Latvia 2000:1

All the series end in December 2013.


Data base key: “sts_inpr_m”, monthly short-term business statistics. Production in industry.

Gross data for Ireland is not available in Eurosta's data base, only seasonally or working day adjusted data are available for this country.


EUROSTAT. Statistical Office of the European Communities. http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat.

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