Man pages for tune
Tidy Tuning Tools

augment.tune_resultsAugment data with holdout predictions
autoplot.tune_resultsPlot tuning search results
collect_predictionsObtain and format results produced by tuning functions
conf_mat_resampledCompute average confusion matrix across resamples
control_bayesControl aspects of the Bayesian search process
control_gridControl aspects of the grid search process
control_last_fitControl aspects of the last fit process
coord_obs_predUse same scale for plots of observed vs predicted values
dot-stash_last_resultSave most recent results to search path
dot-use_case_weights_with_yardstickDetermine if case weights should be passed on to yardstick
empty_ellipsesGet colors for tune text.
example_ames_knnExample Analysis of Ames Housing Data
expo_decayExponential decay function
extract_modelConvenience functions to extract model
extract-tuneExtract elements of 'tune' objects
filter_parametersRemove some tuning parameter results
finalize_modelSplice final parameters into objects
fit_bestFit a model to the numerically optimal configuration
fit_resamplesFit multiple models via resampling
last_fitFit the final best model to the training set and evaluate the...
load_pkgsQuietly load package namespace
merge.recipeMerge parameter grid values into objects
message_wrapWrite a message that respects the line width
min_gridDetermine the minimum set of model fits
outcome_namesDetermine names of the outcome data in a workflow
parameters.workflowDetermination of parameter sets for other objects
prob_improveAcquisition function for scoring parameter combinations
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
show_bestInvestigate best tuning parameters
show_notesDisplay distinct errors from tune objects
tune_accessorVarious accessor functions
tune_bayesBayesian optimization of model parameters.
tune_gridModel tuning via grid search
tune-internal-functionsInternal functions used by other tidymodels packages
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