Man pages for uFTIR
Process and Analyze Agilent Cary 620 FTIR Microscope Images

as.clipperAs Clipper
clipmask-classClass holding info for the clipper
get_profileGet profile
highlight_substanceHighlight a selected substance
mask_samMask SAM
matrix_samPerform SAM between to matrices
mosaic_chunkMosaic chunk
mosaic_composeMosaic compose
mosaic_infoMosaic Info
mosaic_samMosaic SAM
plot_tilePlotting Objects
preprocessTile Preprocess
primpkeExample library
SAM-classSam Prediction
sam_loadSam load
sam_writeWrite a sam object to disk
smooth_samSmooth a Spectral Angle Mapper output
SpectralInfo-classSpectral info
SpectralPack-classSpectral Pack
SpectralReference-classSpectral Reference Class
summary_samMethod to summarize 'SAM' or 'Smooth' objects.
tile_base_corrBaseline correction
tile_readSingle tile read
tile_samSpectral Angle Mapper
toClipVisual clipper
uFTIRProcess and analyze Agilent Cary 620 FTIR Microscope images
wavealignMethods to resample the wavenumbers
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