Man pages for uHMM
Construct an Unsupervised Hidden Markov Model

computeGapCompute gap between eigenvalues of a similarity matrix
cutCalculationcutCalculation function
emissionMatrixEmission matrix estimation
FastSpectralNJWJordan Fast Spectral Algorithm
HMMparamsHidden Markov Model parameter estimation
KmeansAutoElbowKmeansAutoElbow function
KpartitionNJWKpartitionNJW function
MarelCarnotMarelCarnot dataset
selfKNNSelf KNN
spectralPamClusteringNgspectralPamClusteringNg function
transitionMatrixTransition matrix estimation
uHMMinterfaceGraphical Interface to Build an uHMM
uHMM-packageConstruct an unsupervised Hidden Markov Model
ZPGaussianSimilaritySimilarity matrix with local scale parameter
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