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In general the uavRst remote sensing toolbox tries to support the use of UAV derived imagery and pointclouds as a cheap and easy to use alternative/complement to LiDAR data. Howeverit is far from being mature.
uavRst provides functionality to analyze poor quality RGB images as taken by low budget ready to fly uavs. This includes preconfigured machine learning based classification workflows, comprehensive texture analysis and segmentation algorithms as well as forest relevant calculations of metrics and measures on the derived products.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Remote Sensing Tools


For most of the functions you need a bunch of third party software. The most comfortable way to fulfill these requirements is to install 'QGIS', 'GRASS'- and 'SAGA-GIS' following the excellent RQGIS. For most of the LiDAR related operations the great R package lidR is used.

However for some of the basic point cloud related operations you will need to install the 'LAStool' software, that can be downloaded here here and is provided by rapidlasso. Please download it and unzip it as usual. For Windows systems it is by default expected that you put it at C:/LASTools, running Linux at ~/apps/LASTools. For running LAStools tools under Linux you first need to install wine.

All of the mentioned software packages have to be correctly installed. Most of it tested under Windows and Linux and should run... The most easiest way to obtain a fairly good runtime enviroment is to setup Linux as a dual boot system or in a VB. You will find some tutorials and examples at the uavRst Wiki. Please feel free to participate.


Hanna Meyer, Thomas Nauss,Florian Detsch, Lars Opgenoorth, Chris Reudenbach, Environmental Informatics Marburg

Maintainer: Chris Reudenbach

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