umx: Structural Equation Modelling in R with 'OpenMx'

Quickly create, run, and report structural equation and twin models. See '?umx' to learn more.

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AuthorTimothy C Bates [aut, cre]
Date of publication2017-04-07 06:07:27 UTC
MaintainerTimothy C Bates <>

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Man pages

confint.MxModel: Get confidence intervals from an MxModel

dl_from_dropbox: dl_from_dropbox

ex9_6: A multilevel dataset.

extractAIC.MxModel: extractAIC from MxModel

install.OpenMx: Easily install the latest parallel/NPSOL enabled build of...

loadings: loadings Generic loadings function to extract factor loadings...

loadings.MxModel: loadings.MxModel

logLik: logLik.MxModel

plot.MxModel: Create a graphical figure from an MxModel

qm: qm

reliability: reliability

residuals.MxModel: Get residuals from an MxModel

RMSEA: Generic RMSEA function

RMSEA.MxModel: RMSEA function for MxModels

RMSEA.summary.mxmodel: RMSEA function for MxModels

umx: Helper Functions for Structural Equation Modelling in OpenMx

umxACE: umxACE: Build and run a 2-group Cholesky (uni- or...

umxACEcov: umxACEcov: Build and run a Cholesky with covariates in the...

umxACESexLim: umxACESexLim: Build and run a sex-limitaiton twin model (not...

umxAdd1: umxAdd1

umx_add_variances: umx_add_variances

umx_aggregate: umx_aggregate

umxAPA: umxAPA

umx_APA_model_CI: umx_APA_model_CI

umx_APA_pval: umx_APA_pval

umx_apply: umx_apply

umx_as_numeric: umx_as_numeric

umxCF_SexLim: umxCF_SexLim

umx_check: umx_check

umx_check_model: umx_check_model

umx_check_names: umx_check_names

umx_check_OS: umx_check_OS

umx_check_parallel: umx_check_parallel

umxCI: umxCI

umxCI_boot: umxCI_boot

umxCompare: umxCompare

umx_cont_2_quantiles: umx_cont_2_quantiles

umx_cor: umx_cor

umxCov2cor: umxCov2cor

umx_cov2raw: Turn a cov matrix into raw data with umx_cov2raw

umxCovData: umxCovData

umxCP: umxCP: Build and run a Common pathway twin model

umx_default_option: umx_default_option

umx-deprecated: Deprecated. May already stop() code and ask to be updated....

umxDiagnose: mxDiagnostic

umxDrop1: umxDrop1: Unfinished function to mimic drop1 in OpenMx

umx_drop_ok: umx_drop_ok

umxEFA: umxEFA

umxEquate: umxEquate: Equate two or more paths

umxEval: umxEval

umxExpCov: Get the expected vcov matrix

umx_explode: umx_explode - like the php function 'explode'

umx_explode_twin_names: umx_explode_twin_names

umxExpMeans: umxExpMean

umxFactor: umxFactor

umx_find_object: umx_find_object

umxFitIndices: umxFitIndices

umxFixAll: umxFixAll: Fix all free parameters

umx_fix_first_loadings: umx_fix_first_loadings

umx_fix_latents: umx_fix_latents

umx_fun_mean_sd: umx_fun

umx_get_bracket_addresses: get mat[r,c] style cell address from an mxMatrix

umx_get_checkpoint: umx_get_checkpoint

umx_get_cores: umx_get_cores

umx_get_optimizer: umx_get_optimizer

umx_get_options: umx_get_options

umxGetParameters: umxGetParameters: Get parameters from a model

umx_grep: umx_grep

umxGxE: umxGxE: Implements ACE models with moderation of paths, e.g....

umxGxE_window: umxGxE_window

umx_has_been_run: umx_has_been_run

umx_has_CIs: umx_has_CIs

umx_has_means: umx_has_means

umx_has_square_brackets: umx_has_square_brackets

umxHetCor: umxHetCor

umxIP: umxIP: Build and run an Independent pathway twin model

umx_is_cov: umx_is_cov

umx_is_endogenous: umx_is_endogenous

umx_is_exogenous: umx_is_exogenous

umx_is_MxData: Check if an object is an mxData object

umx_is_MxMatrix: umx_is_MxMatrix

umx_is_MxModel: umx_is_MxModel

umx_is_ordered: Test if one or more variables in a dataframe are ordered

umx_is_RAM: umx_is_RAM

umxJiggle: umxJiggle

umxLabel: umxLabel: Add labels to a RAM model, matrix, or path

umxLatent: umxLatent: Helper to ease making formative and reflective...

umx_lower2full: umx_lower2full

umx_make: umx_make umx using devtools

umx_make_bin_cont_pair_data: umx_make_bin_cont_pair_data

umx_make_fake_data: umx_make_fake_data

umx_make_MR_data: Simulate Mendelian Randomization data

umx_make_sql_from_excel: umx_make_sql_from_excel

umx_make_TwinData: Simulate twin data with control over A, C, E, and moderation

umxMatrix: umxMatrix: labeled mxMatrix, with name in the first place

umx_means: umx_means

umx_merge_CIs: umx_merge_CIs

umxMI: umxMI

umxModel: Catches users typing umxModel instead of umxRAM

umxModify: umxModify: Add, set, or drop model paths by label.

umx_move_file: umx_move_file

umx_msg: umx_msg

umx_names: umx_names

umx_object_as_str: umx_object_as_str

umx_open: umx_open

umx_open_CRAN_page: Open the CRAN page for a package

umx_pad: Pad an Object with NAs

umxPadAndPruneForDefVars: umxPadAndPruneForDefVars

umx_paste_names: Concatenate base variable names with suffixes to create...

umxPath: umxPath: Easier (but powerful) specification of RAM paths.

umx_pb_note: umx_pb_note

umxPlotACE: umxPlotACE

umxPlotACEcov: umxPlotACEcov

umxPlotCP: umxPlotCP

umxPlotGxE: umxPlotGxE

umxPlotIP: umxPlotIP

umx_print: umx_print

umxRAM: Easy-to-use RAM model maker.

umxRAM2Ordinal: umxRAM2Ordinal

umx_read_lower: Read lower-triangle of data matrix from console or file

umxReduce: umxReduce

umx_rename: umx_rename

umx_rename_file: umx_rename_file

umx_reorder: umx_reorder

umx_residualize: umx_residualize

umx_rot: umx_rot

umx_round: umx_round

umx_r_test: umx_r_test

umxRun: umxRun: Run an mxModel

umx_scale: umx_scale

umx_scale_wide_twin_data: umx_scale_wide_twin_data

umx_set_auto_plot: umx_set_auto_plot

umx_set_auto_run: umx_set_auto_run

umx_set_checkpoint: umx_set_checkpoint

umx_set_condensed_slots: umx_set_condensed_slots

umx_set_cores: umx_set_cores

umx_set_optimizer: umx_set_optimizer

umxSetParameters: umxSetParameters: Set parameters in an mxModel

umx_set_plot_format: umx_set_plot_format

umx_set_table_format: umx_set_table_format

umx_show: umx_show

umx_standardize_ACE: umx_standardize_ACE

umx_standardize_ACEcov: umx_standardize_ACEcov

umx_standardize_CP: umx_standardize_CP

umx_standardize_IP: umx_standardize_IP

umx_standardize_RAM: umx_standardize_RAM

umx_string_to_algebra: umx_string_to_algebra

umxSummary: umxSummary.default

umxSummaryACE: umxSummaryACE

umxSummaryACEcov: umxSummaryACEcov

umxSummaryCP: umxSummaryCP

umxSummaryGxE: umxSummaryGxE

umxSummaryIP: umxSummaryIP

umxSummary.MxModel: Shows a compact, publication-style, summary of a RAM model

umx_swap_a_block: umx_swap_a_block

umxThresholdMatrix: umxThresholdMatrix: Helper makes a complete threshold matrix...

umx_time: umx_time

umx_trim: umx_trim

umxTwoStage: umxTwoStage

umxUnexplainedCausalNexus: umxUnexplainedCausalNexus

umxValues: umxValues: Set values in RAM model, matrix, or path

umx_var: Get variances from a df that might contain some non-numeric...

umxVersion: Print the version of umx, along with detail from OpenMx and...

umx_write_to_clipboard: umx_write_to_clipboard

us_skinfold_data: Anthropometric data on twins

xmu_check_levels_identical: xmu_check_levels_identical

xmu_dot_make_paths: xmu_dot_make_paths (not for end users)

xmu_dot_make_residuals: xmu_dot_make_residuals (not for end users)

xmuHasSquareBrackets: xmuHasSquareBrackets

xmuLabel_Matrix: xmuLabel_Matrix (not a user function)

xmuLabel_MATRIX_Model: xmuLabel_MATRIX_Model (not a user function)

xmuLabel_RAM_Model: xmuLabel_RAM_Model (not a user function)

xmuMakeDeviationThresholdsMatrices: Make deviation threshold matrics

xmuMakeOneHeadedPathsFromPathList: xmuMakeOneHeadedPathsFromPathList

xmuMakeThresholdsMatrices: xmuMakeThresholdsMatrices (not a user function)

xmuMakeTwoHeadedPathsFromPathList: xmuMakeTwoHeadedPathsFromPathList

xmuMaxLevels: xmuMaxLevels

xmuMI: xmuMI

xmuMinLevels: xmuMinLevels

xmuPropagateLabels: xmuPropagateLabels (not a user function)

xmu_start_value_list: Make start values


confint.MxModel Man page
dl_from_dropbox Man page
ex9_6 Man page
extractAIC.MxModel Man page
install.OpenMx Man page
loadings Man page
loadings.MxModel Man page
logLik.MxModel Man page
parameters Man page
plot Man page
plot.MxModel Man page
plot.MxModel.ACE Man page
plot.MxModel.ACEcov Man page
plot.MxModel.CP Man page
plot.MxModel.GxE Man page
plot.MxModel.IP Man page
qm Man page
reliability Man page
residuals.MxModel Man page
RMSEA Man page
RMSEA.MxModel Man page
RMSEA.summary.mxmodel Man page
summaryAPA Man page
umx Man page
umx2ord Man page
umxACE Man page
umxACEcov Man page
umxACESexLim Man page
umxAdd1 Man page
umx_add_variances Man page
umx_aggregate Man page
umxAPA Man page
umx_APA_model_CI Man page
umx_APA_pval Man page
umx_apply Man page
umx_as_numeric Man page
umxCF_SexLim Man page
umx_check Man page
umx_check_model Man page
umx_check_names Man page
umx_check_OS Man page
umx_check_parallel Man page
umx_checkpoint Man page
umxCI Man page
umxCI_boot Man page
umxCompare Man page
umx_cont_2_quantiles Man page
umx_cor Man page
umxCov2cor Man page
umx_cov2raw Man page
umxCovData Man page
umxCP Man page
umx_default_option Man page
umx-deprecated Man page
umxDiagnose Man page
umxDrop1 Man page
umx_drop_ok Man page
umxEFA Man page
umxEquate Man page
umxEval Man page
umxExpCov Man page
umx_explode Man page
umx_explode_twin_names Man page
umxExpMeans Man page
umxFactanal Man page
umx_factor Man page
umxFactor Man page
umx_find_object Man page
umxFitIndices Man page
umxFixAll Man page
umx_fix_first_loadings Man page
umx_fix_latents Man page
umx_fun_mean_sd Man page
umx_get_bracket_addresses Man page
umx_get_checkpoint Man page
umx_get_cores Man page
umx_get_optimizer Man page
umx_get_options Man page
umxGetParameters Man page
umx_grep Man page
umxGxE Man page
umxGxE_window Man page
umx_has_been_run Man page
umx_has_CIs Man page
umx_has_means Man page
umx_has_square_brackets Man page
umxHetCor Man page
umx_install_OpenMx Man page
umxIP Man page
umx_is_cov Man page
umx_is_endogenous Man page
umx_is_exogenous Man page
umx_is_MxData Man page
umx_is_MxMatrix Man page
umx_is_MxModel Man page
umx_is_ordered Man page
umx_is_RAM Man page
umxJiggle Man page
umxLabel Man page
umxLatent Man page
umx_lower2full Man page
umx_make Man page
umx_make_bin_cont_pair_data Man page
umx_make_fake_data Man page
umx_make_MR_data Man page
umx_make_sql_from_excel Man page
umx_make_TwinData Man page
umx_match.arg Man page
umxMatrix Man page
umx_means Man page
umx_merge_CIs Man page
umxMI Man page
umxModel Man page
umxModify Man page
umx_move_file Man page
umx_msg Man page
umx_names Man page
umx_object_as_str Man page
umx_open Man page
umx_open_CRAN_page Man page
umx-package Man page
umx_pad Man page
umxPadAndPruneForDefVars Man page
umx_paste_names Man page
umxPath Man page
umx_pb_note Man page
umxPlot Man page
umxPlotACE Man page
umxPlotACEcov Man page
umxPlotCP Man page
umxPlotGxE Man page
umxPlotIP Man page
umx_print Man page
umxRAM Man page
umxRAM2Ordinal Man page
umx_read_lower Man page
umxReduce Man page
umx_rename Man page
umx_rename_file Man page
umx_reorder Man page
umxReRun Man page
umx_residualize Man page
umx_rot Man page
umx_round Man page
umx_r_test Man page
umxRun Man page
umx_scale Man page
umx_scale_wide_twin_data Man page
umx_set_auto_plot Man page
umx_set_auto_run Man page
umx_set_checkpoint Man page
umx_set_condensed_slots Man page
umx_set_cores Man page
umx_set_optimizer Man page
umxSetParameters Man page
umx_set_plot_format Man page
umx_set_table_format Man page
umx_show Man page
umx_standardize_ACE Man page
umx_standardize_ACEcov Man page
umx_standardize_CP Man page
umx_standardize_IP Man page
umx_standardize_RAM Man page
umx_string_to_algebra Man page
umxSummary Man page
umxSummaryACE Man page
umxSummaryACEcov Man page
umxSummaryCP Man page
umxSummaryGxE Man page
umxSummaryIP Man page
umxSummary.MxModel Man page
umxSummary.MxModel.ACE Man page
umxSummary.MxModel.ACEcov Man page
umxSummary.MxModel.CP Man page
umxSummary.MxModel.GxE Man page
umxSummary.MxModel.IP Man page
umx_swap_a_block Man page
umxThresholdMatrix Man page
umx_time Man page
umx_trim Man page
umxTwoStage Man page
umxUnexplainedCausalNexus Man page
umx_update_OpenMx Man page
umxValues Man page
umx_var Man page
umxVersion Man page
umx_write_to_clipboard Man page
us_skinfold_data Man page
vcov.MxModel Man page
xmu_check_levels_identical Man page
xmu_dot_make_paths Man page
xmu_dot_make_residuals Man page
xmuHasSquareBrackets Man page
xmuLabel_Matrix Man page
xmuLabel_MATRIX_Model Man page
xmuLabel_RAM_Model Man page
xmuMakeDeviationThresholdsMatrices Man page
xmuMakeOneHeadedPathsFromPathList Man page
xmuMakeThresholdsMatrices Man page
xmuMakeTwoHeadedPathsFromPathList Man page
xmuMaxLevels Man page
xmuMI Man page
xmuMinLevels Man page
xmuPropagateLabels Man page
xmu_start_value_list Man page


tests/testthat/test_umx_APA_pval.r tests/testthat/test_umxACE.r tests/testthat/test_umx_reorder.r tests/testthat/test_umx_has_means.r tests/testthat/test_umx_rename.r tests/testthat/test_umx_is_cov.r tests/testthat/test_umx_set_optimizer.r tests/testthat/test_umx_residualize.r tests/testthat/test_residuals.MxModel.r tests/testthat/test_umx_is_RAM.r tests/testthat/test_umx_has_CI.r tests/testthat/test_umx_set_cores.r
R/hermine_original_twinHetMulAceCon.R R/misc_and_utility.r R/model_builders.r R/build_run_modify.r R/umxCF_SexLim.R R/datasets_openmx.R R/fit_and_reporting.r R/xmu.r R/deprecated.r R/datasets.R
man/umxSummaryIP.Rd man/umx_paste_names.Rd man/umx_string_to_algebra.Rd man/umx_default_option.Rd man/umxVersion.Rd man/umxPlotACE.Rd man/xmuMakeThresholdsMatrices.Rd man/umxThresholdMatrix.Rd man/umx_open.Rd man/umx_make_bin_cont_pair_data.Rd
man/umx_print.Rd man/us_skinfold_data.Rd man/umx_scale.Rd man/umxMatrix.Rd man/umx_set_plot_format.Rd man/install.OpenMx.Rd man/umx_set_condensed_slots.Rd man/umxCovData.Rd man/umx_is_endogenous.Rd man/umxTwoStage.Rd man/xmu_dot_make_paths.Rd man/umx_set_checkpoint.Rd man/umxSummaryGxE.Rd man/umx_make_MR_data.Rd man/umxExpCov.Rd man/xmuLabel_MATRIX_Model.Rd man/umxCov2cor.Rd man/umx_explode_twin_names.Rd man/umx_get_checkpoint.Rd man/xmuHasSquareBrackets.Rd man/extractAIC.MxModel.Rd man/umx_has_square_brackets.Rd man/umxModel.Rd man/umxSummary.Rd man/umxPlotCP.Rd man/umx_has_means.Rd man/umx_set_cores.Rd man/umx_reorder.Rd man/umx_fun_mean_sd.Rd man/umxCompare.Rd man/umx_standardize_RAM.Rd man/umxRAM.Rd man/umxCI.Rd man/confint.MxModel.Rd man/umxSetParameters.Rd man/umx_rot.Rd man/umx_get_optimizer.Rd man/umx_APA_model_CI.Rd man/umx_is_exogenous.Rd man/umx_grep.Rd man/umxEFA.Rd man/umx_check.Rd man/umx_open_CRAN_page.Rd man/umx_aggregate.Rd man/dl_from_dropbox.Rd man/umxPath.Rd man/umx_swap_a_block.Rd man/umx_make_fake_data.Rd man/logLik.Rd man/umx_get_options.Rd man/umx_time.Rd man/umx_write_to_clipboard.Rd man/umx_pb_note.Rd man/RMSEA.Rd man/umx_set_optimizer.Rd man/umx_is_cov.Rd man/xmuPropagateLabels.Rd man/umxGxE.Rd man/xmuMinLevels.Rd man/umx_is_ordered.Rd man/umx_object_as_str.Rd man/umx_standardize_ACE.Rd man/umx_cor.Rd man/umxCP.Rd man/umx_cov2raw.Rd man/umx_pad.Rd man/umx_set_table_format.Rd man/umx_find_object.Rd man/umx_merge_CIs.Rd man/umx_residualize.Rd man/umxAdd1.Rd man/qm.Rd man/umx_is_RAM.Rd man/umxFitIndices.Rd man/RMSEA.MxModel.Rd man/umxFactor.Rd man/umx_standardize_ACEcov.Rd man/umx_is_MxModel.Rd man/umxACESexLim.Rd man/umx_add_variances.Rd man/umx_set_auto_run.Rd man/umx_move_file.Rd man/umxPlotGxE.Rd man/loadings.MxModel.Rd man/umxPadAndPruneForDefVars.Rd man/umx_standardize_IP.Rd man/umxModify.Rd man/umxCI_boot.Rd man/residuals.MxModel.Rd man/xmuMakeTwoHeadedPathsFromPathList.Rd man/umx_read_lower.Rd man/umx_cont_2_quantiles.Rd man/umx_fix_first_loadings.Rd man/umx_lower2full.Rd man/umxValues.Rd man/umx_trim.Rd man/umxSummary.MxModel.Rd man/umx_means.Rd man/umx_drop_ok.Rd man/reliability.Rd man/umx_r_test.Rd man/umx.Rd man/umx_make_sql_from_excel.Rd man/umxRun.Rd man/umxLabel.Rd man/umxACE.Rd man/umxSummaryACE.Rd man/xmu_check_levels_identical.Rd man/xmu_start_value_list.Rd man/umx_get_cores.Rd man/umx_round.Rd man/umx-deprecated.Rd man/umxEquate.Rd man/umxRAM2Ordinal.Rd man/umx_set_auto_plot.Rd man/umx_explode.Rd man/umxExpMeans.Rd man/umx_as_numeric.Rd man/RMSEA.summary.mxmodel.Rd man/plot.MxModel.Rd man/umx_make_TwinData.Rd man/umxUnexplainedCausalNexus.Rd man/xmuMakeDeviationThresholdsMatrices.Rd man/ex9_6.Rd man/umxPlotACEcov.Rd man/umxJiggle.Rd man/loadings.Rd man/umx_has_CIs.Rd man/xmuMaxLevels.Rd man/umxCF_SexLim.Rd man/umxSummaryACEcov.Rd man/umx_fix_latents.Rd man/umxAPA.Rd man/umx_check_names.Rd man/umxPlotIP.Rd man/umxDiagnose.Rd man/umxGxE_window.Rd man/umx_rename_file.Rd man/umx_rename.Rd man/umx_check_model.Rd man/xmuMI.Rd man/umxFixAll.Rd man/umxACEcov.Rd man/umx_is_MxMatrix.Rd man/xmuMakeOneHeadedPathsFromPathList.Rd man/umxIP.Rd man/umx_show.Rd man/umx_check_parallel.Rd man/umxLatent.Rd man/umxEval.Rd man/umxHetCor.Rd man/xmuLabel_Matrix.Rd man/umxGetParameters.Rd man/umx_msg.Rd man/umxSummaryCP.Rd man/umx_make.Rd man/umx_standardize_CP.Rd man/umx_scale_wide_twin_data.Rd man/umx_is_MxData.Rd man/umx_get_bracket_addresses.Rd man/umxDrop1.Rd man/umxReduce.Rd man/umx_names.Rd man/umx_has_been_run.Rd man/umx_apply.Rd man/xmuLabel_RAM_Model.Rd man/umx_var.Rd man/xmu_dot_make_residuals.Rd man/umx_APA_pval.Rd man/umx_check_OS.Rd man/umxMI.Rd

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