Man pages for uptimeRobot
Access the UptimeRobot Ping API

uptimerobot.account.detailsGet the account details for who is linked to the given API... an alert contact a new alert contact
uptimerobot.contactsGet general informations about the alert contacts
uptimerobot.fieldsGet a list of the available fields for various endpoints
uptimerobot.monitor.contactsGet contacts informations for one or more monitors
uptimerobot.monitor.deleteDelete a monitor
uptimerobot.monitor.editEdit a monitor
uptimerobot.monitor.logsGet log records for one or more monitors
uptimerobot.monitor.newAdd a new monitor
uptimerobot.monitor.resetReset a monitor
uptimerobot.monitor.responsesGet response times for one or more monitors
uptimerobot.monitorsGet general informations about monitors
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