uptimerobot.fields: Get a list of the available fields for various endpoints

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uptimerobots.fields returns a list of vectors of available fields for commodity uses. Use it to avoid manually typing long list of fields in vectors or comma-delimited strings when used in various endpoints.





string with the type of fields to be reported. Only monitor and contact are currently supported.


Use the type parameter to choose which set of fields to return in a list of vectors. These endpoints are currently supported: monitor and contact.


The function returns a list of 3 elements which in turn contains a vector of available fields for a given set each. The returned elements are:

  1. typical returns a typical set of fields, used in most situations;

  2. full returns the full set of available fields, including passwords and other potentially confidential data;

  3. compact return a minimal set of fields.


Gabriele Baldassarre

See Also

uptimerobot.monitors, uptimerobot.contacts

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