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US Maps Including Alaska and Hawaii

col_classesMap data column classes
countypopPopulation estimates (2015), county level
countypovPoverty percentage estimates (2014), county level
fipsRetrieve FIPS code for either a US state or county
fips_infoRetrieve states or counties using FIPS codes
getFipsInfoGets FIPS info for either states or counties depending on...
map_with_dataJoin county or state level data to US map data
plot_usmapConveniently plot basic US map
statepopPopulation estimates (2015), state level
statepovPoverty percentage estimates (2014), state level
theme_mapThis creates a nice map theme for use in plot_usmap. It is...
usmapusmap: US maps including Alaska and Hawaii
us_mapRetrieve US map data
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