varComp: Variance Component Models

Variance component models: REML estimation, testing fixed effect contrasts through Satterthwaite or Kenward-Roger methods, testing the nullity of variance components through (linear or quadratic) score tests or likelihood ratio tests.

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Date of publication2015-02-06 18:45:44
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varComp/R/pchibarsq.R varComp/R/varComp-defunct.R varComp/R/varComp.LinScore.SSAS155.R varComp/R/varComp-const.R varComp/R/print.varComp.R varComp/R/varComp.LinScore.Normal.R varComp/R/varComp.VM03.test.R varComp/R/minque.R varComp/R/model.matrix.varComp.R varComp/R/varComp.LinScore.test.R varComp/R/varComp.RLRT.test.R varComp/R/anova.varComp.R varComp/R/varComp.test.R varComp/R/coef.varComp.R varComp/R/varComp-notImplemented.R varComp/R/kernels.R varComp/R/varComp-utilities.R varComp/R/logLik.varComp.R varComp/R/fixef.varComp.R varComp/R/varComp.test.control.R varComp/R/vcov.varComp.R varComp/R/varComp.R varComp/R/p.value.R varComp/R/satterth.R varComp/R/KR.varComp.R varComp/R/varComp-internal.R varComp/R/varComp.LinScore.Satterthwaite.R varComp/R/varComp.SS95.test.R varComp/R/print.varComp.test.R varComp/R/formulas.R
varComp/man/kernels.Rd varComp/man/logLik.varComp.Rd varComp/man/varComp.test.Rd varComp/man/p.value.varComp.test.Rd varComp/man/formulas.Rd varComp/man/varComp-notImplemented.Rd varComp/man/varComp-defunct.Rd varComp/man/normalizeTrace.Rd varComp/man/print.varComp.Rd varComp/man/is.formula.Rd varComp/man/varComp.test.control.Rd varComp/man/model.matrix.varComp.Rd varComp/man/varComp-package.Rd varComp/man/Wald.varComp.Rd varComp/man/vcov.varComp.Rd varComp/man/varComp-internal.Rd varComp/man/anova.varComp.Rd varComp/man/print.varComp.test.Rd varComp/man/chibarsq.Rd varComp/man/safeseq.Rd varComp/man/varComp.control.Rd varComp/man/varComp.Rd varComp/man/get.seed.Rd varComp/man/minque.Rd varComp/man/coef.varComp.Rd varComp/man/symbols.Rd varComp/man/cholRoot.Rd

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