Man pages for varComp
Variance Component Models

anova.varCompANOVA-type analysis of fixed effect parameters
chibarsqChi-bar-square distribution with nonnegativity cone...
cholRootLower Cholesky Root
coef.varCompObtaining parameter estimates from a varComp object
formulasInternal formula term manipulation functions
get.seedRecording pseudo-random number seeds
is.formulaCheck if an object is a formula
kernelsKernel functions useful for genetic associations
logLik.varCompExtracting Profiled Restricted Log Likelihood
minqueMinimum norm quadratic unbiased estimation
model.matrix.varCompExtracting model matrices
normalizeTraceRescales a square matrix such that the trace is the same as...
print.varCompSummary and printing of varComp objects
print.varComp.testPrint variance component test results
p.value.varComp.testExtracting p-values
safeseqA "safer" seq
symbolsSome symbols that might be used in formulas
varCompFitting variance component models
varComp.controlFunctions controlling the model fitting of varComp
varComp-defunctDefunct functions
varComp-internalInternal functions not supposed to be called directly
varComp-notImplementedNot-yet-implemented functions
varComp-packageVariance Component Models
varComp.testTests for Nullity of Variance Components
varComp.test.controlControl of variance component testing
vcov.varCompExtracting Variance-Covariance Matrices
Wald.varCompWald-type tests for fixed effect parameters
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