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'vcd' Extensions and Additions

AbortionAbortion Opinion Data
AccidentTraffic Accident Victims in France in 1958
AirCrashAir Crash Data
AlligatorAlligator Food Choice
BartlettBartlett data on plum root cuttings
blogitsBivariate Logits and Log Odds Ratio
BurtBurt (1950) Data on Hair, Eyes, Head and Stature
CaesarRisk Factors for Infection in Caesarian Births
CancerSurvival of Breast Cancer Patients
CMHtestGeneralized Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel Tests
collapse.tableCollapse Levels of a Table
CormorantsAdvertising Behavior by Males Cormorants
CrossingsCrossings Interaction of Factors
cutfacCut a Numeric Variable to a Factor
CyclingDeathsLondon Cycling Deaths
datasetsInformation on Data Sets in Packages
DaytonSurveyDayton Student Survey on Substance Use
DependsDependencies of R Packages
DetergentDetergent preference data
DonnerSurvival in the Donner Party
Draft1970USA 1970 Draft Lottery Data
Draft1970tableUSA 1970 Draft Lottery Table
DykeSources of Knowledge of Cancer
expand.dftExpand a frequency table to case form
FungicideCarcinogenic Effects of a Fungicide
GeisslerGeissler's Data on the Human Sex Ratio
GilbyClothing and Intelligence Rating of Children
GKgammaCalculate Goodman-Kruskal Gamma for ordered tables
GlassBritish Social Mobility from Glass(1954)
glmlistCreate a Model List Object
GSSGeneral Social Survey- Sex and Party affiliation
HairEyePlaceHair Color and Eye Color in Caithness and Aberdeen
Hauser79Hauser (1979) Data on Social Mobility
HeartSex, Occupation and Heart Disease
HeckmanLabour Force Participation of Married Women 1967-1971
HLtestHosmer-Lemeshow Goodness of Fit Test
HospVisitsHospital Visits Data
HoytMinnesota High School Graduates
ICUICU data set
JobSatCross-classification of job satisfaction by income
KwayFit All K-way Models in a GLM
logLik.loglmLog-Likelihood of a loglm Object
loglin-utilitiesLoglinear Model Utilities
logseriesThe Logarithmic Series Distribution
LRstatsBrief Summary of Model Fit for glm and loglm Models
MammogramsMammogram Ratings
mcaplotSimple and enhanced plot of MCA solutions
MentalMental impairment and parents SES
MiceMice Depletion Data
MobilitySocial Mobility data
modFitBrief Summary of Model Fit for a glm or loglm Object
mosaic3d3D Mosaic Plots
mosaic.glmMosaic plots for fitted generalized linear and generalized...
mosaic.glmlistMosaic Displays for 'glmlist' and 'logllmlist' Objects
PhdPubsPublications of PhD Candidates
print.KappaPrint Kappa
seq_loglmSequential Loglinear Models for an N-way Table
seq_mosaicSequential Mosaics and Strucplots for an N-way Table
ShakeWordsShakespeare's Word Type Frequencies
split3dSubdivide a 3D Object
SummariseBrief Summary of Model Fit for glm and loglm Models
TitanicpPassengers on the Titanic
ToxaemiaToxaemia Symptoms in Pregnancy
TVTV Viewing Data
update.xtabsUpdate method for a 'xtabs' object
vcdExtra-deprecatedDeprecated Functions in vcdExtra Package
vcdExtra-packageExtensions and additions to vcd: Visualizing Categorical Data
VietnamStudent Opinion about the Vietnam War
Vote1980Race and Politics in the 1980 Presidential Vote
WorkerSatWorker Satisfaction Data
Yamaguchi87Occupational Mobility in Three Countries
zero.testScore test for zero inflation in Poisson data
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