stdrange: Standardize or Unstandarize the Column Range

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Standardize or Unstandarize the Column Range


Simple functions for rescaling a data matrix to a coded design and back. stdrange converts the design in actual measurements into a coded design, while ustdrange reverses the process (if the correct arguments are given).


stdrange(x, mins = apply(x, 2, min), maxs = apply(x, 2, max))

ustdrange(x, mins, maxs)



matrix containing the design, or an object coercible to a matrix.


vector of original values, one for each column, which should be recoded to the value -1; or which have alreadty been recoded to -1. This and the next argument are both recycled if not of the correct length.


vector of original values which should be recoded as 1, or which have already been recoded to 1.


Pieter C. Schoonees

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