verification: Weather Forecast Verification Utilities

Utilities for verifying discrete, continuous and probabilistic forecasts, and forecasts expressed as parametric distributions are included.

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AuthorNCAR - Research Applications Laboratory
Date of publication2015-07-15 01:30:51
MaintainerEric Gilleland <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

attribute: Attribute plot

brier: Brier Score

check.func: check loss function

conditional.quantile: Conditional Quantile Plot

crps: Continuous Ranked Probability Score

crpsDecompostion: Decompostion of Continuous Ranked Probability Score

disc.dat: Discrimination plot dataset.

discrimination.plot: Discrimination plot

fss: Fractional Skill Score

leps: Linear Error in Probability Space (LEPS)

lines.verify: Add lines to ROC or attribute diagrams

measurement.error: Skill score with measurement error.

multi.cont: Multiple Contingency Table Statistics

observation.error: Observation Error

performance.diagram: Performance Diagram

pop: Probability of precipitation (pop) data.

precip.ensemble: An ensemble of precipitation forecasts

predcomp.test: Time Series Prediction Comparison Test

probcont2disc: Converts continuous probability values into binned discrete...

prob.frcs.dat: Probablisitic Forecast Dataset.

qrel.plot: Quantile Reliability Plot

quantile2disc: Convert Continuous Forecast Values to Discrete Forecast...

quantileScore: Quantile Score

rcrv: Reduced centered random variable

reliability.plot: Reliability Plot

roc.area: Area under curve (AUC) calculation for Response Operating...

roc.plot: Relative operating characteristic curve.

rps: Ranked Probability Score

table.stats: Verification statistics for a 2 by 2 Contingency Table

table.stats.boot: Percentile bootstrap for 2 by 2 table

value: Forecast Value Function

verify: Verification function

verify-internal: Verification internal and secondary functions


angle.dist Man page
approx.comp2 Man page
attribute Man page
attribute.default Man page
attribute.prob.bin Man page
brier Man page
calc.ES.VM.comp1 Man page
check.func Man page
conditional.quantile Man page
crps Man page
crpsDecomposition Man page
crpsFromAlphaBeta Man page
disc.dat Man page
discrimination.plot Man page
dvm2 Man page
ES.VM.comp1 Man page
ES.VM.comp1.array Man page
ES.VM.comp2 Man page
ES.VM.comp2.array Man page
exponential Man page
exponentialACV Man page
fss Man page
hg.test Man page
leps Man page
lines.attrib Man page
lines.roc Man page
losserr Man page
matrix.func Man page
measurement.error Man page
multi.cont Man page
observation.error Man page
ORSS.exp Man page
performance.diagram Man page
plot.cont.cont Man page
plot.prob.bin Man page
pop Man page
pop.convert Man page
precip.ensemble Man page
predcomp.test Man page
probcont2disc Man page
prob.frcs.dat Man page
qrel.plot Man page
qrelPlotDefault Man page
quantile2disc Man page
quantileScore Man page
ranked.hist Man page
rcrv Man page
reliability.plot Man page
reliability.plot.default Man page
reliability.plot.verify Man page
roc.area Man page Man page
roc.plot Man page
roc.plot.default Man page
roc.plot.prob.bin Man page
rps Man page
summary.bin.bin Man page Man page
summary.cont.cont Man page
summary.norm.dist.cont Man page
summary.predcomp.test Man page
summary.prob.bin Man page
table.stats Man page
table.stats.boot Man page
value Man page
verify Man page
WRSS.exp Man page


R/probcont2disc.R R/leps.r R/crpsDecomposition.r R/roc.plot.default.r R/rcrv.r R/reliability.plot.R R/crpsFromAlphaBeta.R R/roc.plot.R R/multi.cont.R R/plot.prob.bin.R R/summary.cont.cont.R R/ranked.hist.R R/qrelPlotDefault.R R/predcomptests.R R/quantileScore.R R/observation.error.R R/roc.plot.prob.bin.R R/ R/brier.R R/attribute.R R/summary.prob.bin.R R/roc.area.r R/table.stats.boot.R R/table.stats.R R/reliability.plot.default.R R/hgtest.R R/conditional.quantile.R R/ R/value.r R/qrel.plot.R R/performance.diagram.R R/verify.R R/attribute.default.R R/reliability.plot.verify.R R/crps.r R/fss.R R/rps.r R/summary.bin.bin.R R/discrimination.plot.R R/plot.cont.cont.R R/linesADD.R R/zzz.R R/attribute.prob.bin.R R/summary.norm.dist.cont.R R/measurement.error.R
man/disc.dat.Rd man/pop.Rd man/check.func.Rd man/rps.Rd man/prob.frcs.dat.Rd man/table.stats.Rd man/value.Rd man/crps.Rd man/precip.ensemble.Rd man/observation.error.Rd man/lines.verify.Rd man/multi.cont.Rd man/roc.plot.Rd man/brier.Rd man/rcrv.Rd man/qrel.plot.Rd man/verify-internal.Rd man/table.stats.boot.Rd man/discrimination.plot.Rd man/fss.Rd man/reliability.plot.Rd man/leps.Rd man/quantileScore.Rd man/quantile2disc.Rd man/verify.Rd man/conditional.quantile.Rd man/attribute.Rd man/measurement.error.Rd man/probcont2disc.Rd man/roc.area.Rd man/crpsDecompostion.Rd man/predcomp.test.Rd man/performance.diagram.Rd

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