Man pages for verification
Weather Forecast Verification Utilities

attributeAttribute plot
brierBrier Score
check.funccheck loss function
conditional.quantileConditional Quantile Plot
crpsContinuous Ranked Probability Score
crpsDecompostionDecompostion of Continuous Ranked Probability Score
disc.datDiscrimination plot dataset.
discrimination.plotDiscrimination plot
fssFractional Skill Score
lepsLinear Error in Probability Space (LEPS)
lines.verifyAdd lines to ROC or attribute diagrams
measurement.errorSkill score with measurement error.
multi.contMultiple Contingency Table Statistics
observation.errorObservation Error
performance.diagramPerformance Diagram
popProbability of precipitation (pop) data.
precip.ensembleAn ensemble of precipitation forecasts
predcomp.testTime Series Prediction Comparison Test
probcont2discConverts continuous probability values into binned discrete...
prob.frcs.datProbablisitic Forecast Dataset.
qrel.plotQuantile Reliability Plot
quantile2discConvert Continuous Forecast Values to Discrete Forecast...
quantileScoreQuantile Score
rcrvReduced centered random variable
reliability.plotReliability Plot
roc.areaArea under curve (AUC) calculation for Response Operating...
roc.plotRelative operating characteristic curve.
rpsRanked Probability Score
table.statsVerification statistics for a 2 by 2 Contingency Table
table.stats.bootPercentile bootstrap for 2 by 2 table
valueForecast Value Function
verifyVerification function
verify-internalVerification internal and secondary functions
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