Man pages for vipor
Plot Categorical Data Using Quasirandom Noise and Density Estimates

aveWithArgsthe ave() function but with arguments passed to FUN
countiesCensus ata on US counties
digits2numberConvert a vector of integers representing digits in an...
generatePermuteStringGenerate a permutation string meeting Tukey criteria
integrationsData on HIV integration sites from several studies
number2digitsConvert an integer to an arbitrary base
offsetXOffset data using quasirandom noise to avoid overplotting
permuteReturn all permutations of a vector
topBottomDistributeProduce offsets such that points are sorted with most extreme...
tukeyPermutesFind permutations meeting Tukey criteria
tukeyTCombine multiple permutation strings into one
tukeyTextureGenerate random positions based on Tukey texture algorithm
vanDerCorputGenerate van der Corput sequences
viporFunctions to generate violin scatter plots
vpPlotPlot data using offsets by quasirandom noise to generate a...
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