tidyme: Extended tidy cleaning of selected objects using S3 method

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Extended tidy cleaning of selected objects using S3 method


S3 method for extended tidying of selected model outputs. Note that the visR method retains the original nomenclature of the objects, and adds the one of broom::tidy to ensure compatibility with tidy workflows. The default method relies on broom::tidy to return a tidied object


tidyme(x, ...)

## Default S3 method:
tidyme(x, ...)

## S3 method for class 'survfit'
tidyme(x, ...)



An S3 object


other arguments passed on to the method


Data frame containing all list elements of the S3 object as columns. The column 'strata' is a factor to ensure that the strata are sorted in agreement with the order in the survfit object

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## Extended tidying for a survfit object
surv_object <- visR::estimate_KM(data = adtte, strata = "TRTA")
tidied <- visR::tidyme(surv_object)

## Tidyme for non-included classes
data <- cars
lm_object <- stats::lm(data = cars, speed ~ dist)
lm_tidied <- visR::tidyme(lm_object)

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