vwr: Useful functions for visual word recognition research

Functions and data for use in visual word recognition research: Computation of neighbors (Hamming and Levenshtein distances), average distances to neighbors (e.g., OLD20), and Coltheart's N. Also includes the LD1NN algorithm to detect bias in the composition of a lexical decision task. Most of the functions support parallel execution. Supplies wordlists for several languages. Uses the string distance functions from the stringdist package by Mark van der Loo.

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AuthorEmmanuel Keuleers
Date of publication2013-08-19 12:28:49
MaintainerEmmanuel Keuleers <emmanuel.keuleers@ugent.be>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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ald Man page
basque.words Man page
coltheart.N Man page
dutch.words Man page
english.words Man page
french.words Man page
german.words Man page
hamming.distance Man page
hamming.neighbors Man page
ld1nn Man page
ldknn Man page
ldknn.odds Man page
levenshtein.damerau.distance Man page
levenshtein.damerau.neighbors Man page
levenshtein.distance Man page
levenshtein.neighbors Man page
old20 Man page
plot.ldknn.run Man page
print.ldknn.run Man page
serbian_cyrillic.words Man page
serbian_latin.words Man page
spanish.words Man page
vietnamese.words Man page
vwr Man page
vwr-package Man page

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