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Permutation Tests

bmiDenosumab and Osteoporosis
controlExam Scores for Algebra Control Group
elmendorfElmendorf Tear-Strength Data
energyEnergy Consumption
experimentalExam Scores for Algebra Experimental Group
learningSocial Class and Nursery-Rhyme Knowledge
perm.hom.testPermutation Homogeneity Test
perm.ind.locIndependent-Samples Permutation Test for Difference in...
perm.ind.spreadPermutation Test for Difference in Spread
perm.ind.testPermutation Independence Test
perm.oneway.anovaPermutation One-Way ANOVA Test
perm.paired.locPaired-Sample Permutation Test for Difference in Location
perm.relationPermutation Test for a Relationship
print.perm.cs.homPrint Output for Class "'perm.cs.hom'"
print.perm.oneway.anovaPrint Output for Class "'perm.oneway.anova'"
print.perm.paired.locPrint Output for Class "'perm.paired.loc'"
print.perm.ts.indPrint Output for Class "'perm.ts.ind'"
print.perm.two.varPrint Output for Class "'perm.two.var'"
relig.and.edReligiosity and Education
salaryFaculty Salaries
selfSelf-Concept and Sightedness
spouse.agesAges of Married People
waterWater Price vs Distance from Museum
wPerm-packagePermutation Tests
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