wakefield: Generate Random Data Sets

Generates random data sets including: data.frames, lists, and vectors.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorTyler Rinker [aut, cre], Josh O'Brien [ctb], Ananda Mahto [ctb], Matthew Sigal [ctb]
Date of publication2016-06-16 06:46:28
MaintainerTyler Rinker <tyler.rinker@gmail.com>

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Man pages

age: Generate Random Vector of Ages

animal: Generate Random Vector of animals

animal_list: Animal List

answer: Generate Random Vector of Answers (Yes/No)

area: Generate Random Vector of Areas

as_integer: Convert a Factor Data Frame to Integer

car: Generate Random Vector of Cars

children: Generate Random Vector of Number of Children

coin: Generate Random Vector of Coin Flips

color: Generate Random Vector of Colors

date_stamp: Generate Random Vector of Dates

death: Generate Random Vector of Deaths Outcomes

dice: Generate Random Vector of Dice Throws

dna: Generate Random Vector of DNA Nucleobases

dob: Generate Random Vector of Birth Dates

dummy: Generate Random Dummy Coded Vector

education: Generate Random Vector of Educational Attainment Level

employment: Generate Random Vector of Employment Statuses

eye: Generate Random Vector of Eye Colors

grade: Generate Random Vector of Grades

grade_level: Generate Random Vector of Grade Levels

grady_augmented: Augmented List of Grady Ward's English Words and Mark...

group: Generate Random Vector of Control/Treatment Groups

hair: Generate Random Vector of Hair Colors

height: Generate Random Vector of Heights

hour: Generate a Random Sequence of H:M:S Times

id: Identification Numbers

income: Generate Random Gamma Vector of Incomes

internet_browser: Generate Random Vector of Internet Browsers

interval: Cut Numeric Into Factor

iq: Generate Random Vector of Intelligence Quotients (IQs)

language: Generate Random Vector of Languages

languages: Languages of the World

letter: Generate Random Letter Vector

level: Generate Random Vector of Levels

likert: Generate Random Vector of Likert-Type Responses

lorem_ipsum: Generate Random Lorem Ipsum Strings

marital: Generate Random Vector of Marital Statuses

military: Generate Random Vector of Military Branches

minute: Generate a Random Sequence of Minutes in H:M:S Format

month: Generate Random Vector of Months

name: Generate Random Vector of Names

name_neutral: Gender Neutral Names

normal: Generate Random Normal Vector

peek: Data Frame Viewing

plot.tbl_df: Plots a tbl_df Object

political: Generate Random Vector of Political Parties

presidential_debates_2012: 2012 U.S. Presidential Debate Dialogue

print.available: Prints an available Object.

print.variable: Prints a variable Object

probs: Generate a Random Vector of Probabilities.

race: Generate Random Vector of Races

r_data: Pre-Selected Column Data Set

r_data_frame: Data Frame Production (From Variable Functions)

r_dummy: Title

relate: Create Related Numeric Columns

religion: Generate Random Vector of Religions

r_insert: Insert Data Frames Into 'r_data_frame'

r_list: List Production (From Variable Functions)

r_na: Title

r_sample: Generate Random Vector

r_sample_binary: Generate Random Binary Vector

r_sample_factor: Generate Random Factor Vector

r_sample_integer: Generate Random Integer Vector

r_sample_logical: Generate Random Logical Vector

r_sample_ordered: Generate Random Ordered Factor Vector

r_sample_replace: Generate Random Vector (Without Replacement)

r_series: Data Frame Series (Repeated Measures)

sat: Generate Random Vector of Scholastic Aptitude Test (SATs)

second: Generate a Random Sequence of Seconds in H:M:S Format

sentence: Generate Random Vector of Sentences

seriesname: Add Internal Name to Data Frame

sex: Generate Random Vector of Genders

sex_inclusive: Generate Random Vector of Non-Binary Genders

smokes: Generate Random Logical Smokes Vector

speed: Generate Random Vector of Speeds

state: Generate Random Vector of states

state_populations: State Populations (2010)

string: Generate Random Vector of Strings

table_heat: View Data Table Column Types as Heat Map

time_stamp: Generate a Random Sequence of Times in H:M:S Format

valid: Generate Random Logical Vector

variables: Available Variable Functions

varname: Add Internal Name to Vector

wakefield: Generate Random Data Sets

year: Generate Random Vector of Years

zip_code: Generate Random Vector of Zip Codes


age Man page
animal Man page
animal_list Man page
answer Man page
area Man page
as_integer Man page
birth Man page
car Man page
children Man page
coin Man page
color Man page
date_stamp Man page
death Man page
dice Man page
died Man page
dna Man page
dob Man page
dummy Man page
education Man page
ela Man page
employment Man page
eye Man page
gender Man page
gender_inclusive Man page
gpa Man page
grade Man page
grade_letter Man page
grade_level Man page
grady_augmented Man page
group Man page
hair Man page
height Man page
height_cm Man page
height_in Man page
hour Man page
id Man page
id_factor Man page
income Man page
internet_browser Man page
interval Man page
iq Man page
language Man page
languages Man page
level Man page
likert Man page
likert_5 Man page
likert_7 Man page
lorem_ipsum Man page
lower Man page
lower_factor Man page
marital Man page
math Man page
military Man page
minute Man page
month Man page
name Man page
name_neutral Man page
normal Man page
normal_round Man page
package-wakefield Man page
paragraph Man page
peek Man page
pet Man page
plot.tbl_df Man page
political Man page
presidential_debates_2012 Man page
primary Man page
print.available Man page
print.variable Man page
probs Man page
race Man page
r_data Man page
r_data_frame Man page
r_data_theme Man page
r_dummy Man page
relate Man page
religion Man page
r_insert Man page
r_list Man page
r_na Man page
r_sample Man page
r_sample_binary Man page
r_sample_binary_factor Man page
r_sample_factor Man page
r_sample_integer Man page
r_sample_logical Man page
r_sample_ordered Man page
r_sample_replace Man page
r_series Man page
sat Man page
second Man page
sentence Man page
seriesname Man page
sex Man page
sex_inclusive Man page
smokes Man page
speed Man page
speed_kph Man page
speed_mph Man page
state Man page
state_populations Man page
string Man page
table_heat Man page
time_stamp Man page
upper Man page
upper_factor Man page
valid Man page
variables Man page
varname Man page
wakefield Man page
wakefield-package Man page
year Man page
zip_code Man page


tests/testthat/test-car.R tests/testthat/test-r_sample_integer.R tests/testthat/test-employment.R tests/testthat/test-dice.R tests/testthat/test-string.R tests/testthat/test-relate.R tests/testthat/test-sentence.R tests/testthat/test-grade.R tests/testthat/test-r_na.R tests/testthat/test-military.R tests/testthat/test-dummy.R tests/testthat/test-month.R tests/testthat/test-dob.R tests/testthat/test-height.R tests/testthat/test-group.R tests/testthat/test-income.R tests/testthat/test-r_insert.R tests/testthat/test-minute.R tests/testthat/test-table_heat.R tests/testthat/test-iq.R tests/testthat/test-sat.R tests/testthat/test-religion.R tests/testthat/test-r_sample_binary.R tests/testthat/test-speed.R tests/testthat/test-area.R tests/testthat/test-variables.R tests/testthat/test-hour.R tests/testthat/test-marital.R tests/testthat/test-r_sample_logical.R tests/testthat/test-smokes.R tests/testthat/test-sex_inclusive.R tests/testthat/test-id.R tests/testthat/test-death.R tests/testthat/test-grade_level.R tests/testthat/test-as_integer.R tests/testthat/test-animal.R tests/testthat/test-peek.R tests/testthat/test-r_data_frame.R tests/testthat/test-r_data.R tests/testthat/test-r_dummy.R tests/testthat/test-r_sample_ordered.R tests/testthat/test-color.R tests/testthat/test-varname.R tests/testthat/test-r_sample_replace.R tests/testthat/test-interval.R tests/testthat/test-coin.R tests/testthat/test-normal.R tests/testthat/test-zip_code.R tests/testthat/test-eye.R tests/testthat/test-second.R tests/testthat/test-r_list.R tests/testthat/test-level.R tests/testthat/test-hair.R tests/testthat/test-answer.R tests/testthat/test-education.R tests/testthat/test-sex.R tests/testthat/test-r_sample.R tests/testthat/test-likert.R tests/testthat/test-r_sample_factor.R tests/testthat/test-year.R tests/testthat/test-browser.R tests/testthat/test-valid.R tests/testthat/test-r_series.R tests/testthat/test-political.R tests/testthat/test-children.R tests/testthat/test-time_stamp.R tests/testthat/test-probs.R tests/testthat/test-language.R tests/testthat/test-state.R tests/testthat/test-upper.R tests/testthat/test-name.R tests/testthat/test-lorem_ipsum.R tests/testthat/test-race.R tests/testthat/test-age.R tests/testthat/test-seriesname.R tests/testthat/test-data_stamp.R tests/testthat/test-dna.R
R/r_data_frame.R R/dummy.R R/military.R R/r_sample.R R/speed.R R/utils.R R/string.R R/probs.R R/r_na.R R/r_dummy.R R/children.R R/political.R R/dice.R R/r_list.R R/grade.R R/as_integer.R R/age.R R/r_sample_factor.R R/interval.R R/religion.R R/relate.R R/likert.R R/sex.R R/hour.R R/date_stamp.R R/name.R R/employment.R R/iq.R R/wakefield-package.R R/time_stamp.R R/grade_level.R R/lorem_ipsum.R R/r_sample_integer.R R/marital.R R/peek.R R/internet_browser.R R/smokes.R R/r_sample_logical.R R/seriesname.R R/valid.R R/car.R R/level.R R/height.R R/r_series.R R/upper.R R/income.R R/state.R R/normal.R R/varname.R R/language.R R/sentence.R R/education.R R/r_data.R R/answer.R R/sex_inclusive.R R/id.R R/zip_code.R R/sat.R R/dob.R R/color.R R/year.R R/r_insert.R R/group.R R/animal.R R/second.R R/r_sample_ordered.R R/eye.R R/table_heat.R R/variables.R R/death.R R/coin.R R/dna.R R/month.R R/hair.R R/minute.R R/race.R R/area.R R/r_sample_binary.R R/r_sample_replace.R
man/year.Rd man/name_neutral.Rd man/marital.Rd man/children.Rd man/grade.Rd man/grady_augmented.Rd man/sat.Rd man/sentence.Rd man/r_series.Rd man/smokes.Rd man/date_stamp.Rd man/valid.Rd man/state_populations.Rd man/group.Rd man/dice.Rd man/height.Rd man/print.available.Rd man/presidential_debates_2012.Rd man/seriesname.Rd man/id.Rd man/zip_code.Rd man/answer.Rd man/plot.tbl_df.Rd man/second.Rd man/time_stamp.Rd man/normal.Rd man/table_heat.Rd man/r_data_frame.Rd man/r_dummy.Rd man/interval.Rd man/speed.Rd man/sex_inclusive.Rd man/variables.Rd man/hair.Rd man/r_data.Rd man/animal.Rd man/string.Rd man/r_sample_replace.Rd man/languages.Rd man/language.Rd man/r_sample_ordered.Rd man/print.variable.Rd man/name.Rd man/animal_list.Rd man/iq.Rd man/as_integer.Rd man/r_sample_factor.Rd man/education.Rd man/employment.Rd man/month.Rd man/state.Rd man/r_na.Rd man/coin.Rd man/r_insert.Rd man/hour.Rd man/grade_level.Rd man/likert.Rd man/dob.Rd man/dna.Rd man/letter.Rd man/lorem_ipsum.Rd man/color.Rd man/age.Rd man/religion.Rd man/car.Rd man/varname.Rd man/sex.Rd man/political.Rd man/internet_browser.Rd man/r_sample.Rd man/wakefield.Rd man/dummy.Rd man/peek.Rd man/r_sample_integer.Rd man/level.Rd man/race.Rd man/death.Rd man/minute.Rd man/military.Rd man/eye.Rd man/r_sample_logical.Rd man/r_list.Rd man/relate.Rd man/income.Rd man/area.Rd man/r_sample_binary.Rd man/probs.Rd

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