Man pages for wakefield
Generate Random Data Sets

ageGenerate Random Vector of Ages
animalGenerate Random Vector of animals
animal_listAnimal List
answerGenerate Random Vector of Answers (Yes/No)
areaGenerate Random Vector of Areas
as_integerConvert a Factor Data Frame to Integer
carGenerate Random Vector of Cars
childrenGenerate Random Vector of Number of Children
coinGenerate Random Vector of Coin Flips
colorGenerate Random Vector of Colors
date_stampGenerate Random Vector of Dates
deathGenerate Random Vector of Deaths Outcomes
diceGenerate Random Vector of Dice Throws
dnaGenerate Random Vector of DNA Nucleobases
dobGenerate Random Vector of Birth Dates
dummyGenerate Random Dummy Coded Vector
educationGenerate Random Vector of Educational Attainment Level
employmentGenerate Random Vector of Employment Statuses
eyeGenerate Random Vector of Eye Colors
gradeGenerate Random Vector of Grades
grade_levelGenerate Random Vector of Grade Levels
grady_augmentedAugmented List of Grady Ward's English Words and Mark...
groupGenerate Random Vector of Control/Treatment Groups
hairGenerate Random Vector of Hair Colors
heightGenerate Random Vector of Heights
hourGenerate a Random Sequence of H:M:S Times
idIdentification Numbers
incomeGenerate Random Gamma Vector of Incomes
internet_browserGenerate Random Vector of Internet Browsers
intervalCut Numeric Into Factor
iqGenerate Random Vector of Intelligence Quotients (IQs)
languageGenerate Random Vector of Languages
languagesLanguages of the World
letterGenerate Random Letter Vector
levelGenerate Random Vector of Levels
likertGenerate Random Vector of Likert-Type Responses
lorem_ipsumGenerate Random Lorem Ipsum Strings
maritalGenerate Random Vector of Marital Statuses
militaryGenerate Random Vector of Military Branches
minuteGenerate a Random Sequence of Minutes in H:M:S Format
monthGenerate Random Vector of Months
nameGenerate Random Vector of Names
name_neutralGender Neutral Names
normalGenerate Random Normal Vector
peekData Frame Viewing
plot.tbl_dfPlots a tbl_df Object
politicalGenerate Random Vector of Political Parties
presidential_debates_20122012 U.S. Presidential Debate Dialogue
print.availablePrints an available Object.
print.variablePrints a variable Object
probsGenerate a Random Vector of Probabilities.
raceGenerate Random Vector of Races
r_dataPre-Selected Column Data Set
r_data_frameData Frame Production (From Variable Functions)
r_dummyGenerate Random Dummy Values
relateCreate Related Numeric Columns
religionGenerate Random Vector of Religions
r_insertInsert Data Frames Into 'r_data_frame'
r_listList Production (From Variable Functions)
r_naReplace a Proportion of Values With NA
r_sampleGenerate Random Vector
r_sample_binaryGenerate Random Binary Vector
r_sample_factorGenerate Random Factor Vector
r_sample_integerGenerate Random Integer Vector
r_sample_logicalGenerate Random Logical Vector
r_sample_orderedGenerate Random Ordered Factor Vector
r_sample_replaceGenerate Random Vector (Without Replacement)
r_seriesData Frame Series (Repeated Measures)
satGenerate Random Vector of Scholastic Aptitude Test (SATs)
secondGenerate a Random Sequence of Seconds in H:M:S Format
sentenceGenerate Random Vector of Sentences
seriesnameAdd Internal Name to Data Frame
sexGenerate Random Vector of Genders
sex_inclusiveGenerate Random Vector of Non-Binary Genders
smokesGenerate Random Logical Smokes Vector
speedGenerate Random Vector of Speeds
stateGenerate Random Vector of states
state_populationsState Populations (2010)
stringGenerate Random Vector of Strings
table_heatView Data Table Column Types as Heat Map
time_stampGenerate a Random Sequence of Times in H:M:S Format
validGenerate Random Logical Vector
variablesAvailable Variable Functions
varnameAdd Internal Name to Vector
wakefieldGenerate Random Data Sets
yearGenerate Random Vector of Years
zip_codeGenerate Random Vector of Zip Codes
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