wasim: Visualisation and analysis of output files of the hydrological model WASIM

Helpful tools for data processing and visualisation of results of the hydrological model WASIM-ETH.

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AuthorDominik Reusser, Till Francke
Date of publication2011-12-30 11:23:17
MaintainerDominik Reusser <reusser@pik-potsdam.de>

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assemble.date Man page
bias Man page
color.factor Man page
convert_q_units Man page
data.types Man page
diff_diff Man page
example.peaks Man page
extract_wasim_params Man page
f.score Man page
highlight Man page
k_hyd Man page
line_sumrain Man page
max_rel_diff Man page
mean_error Man page
models_dawson Man page
myRead.table Man page
p.balance Man page
p.flow_comp Man page
p.grid Man page
p.storage Man page
read.dates Man page
read.grid Man page
read.observations Man page
read.results Man page
reference.peak Man page
rerange Man page
rmse Man page
span Man page
wasim Man page
wasim-package Man page

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